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Pandora Jewellery for Kids - The Celestial Star Bracelet

December 28th, 2019
Pandora Jewellery for Kids - The Celestial Star Bracelet
I was a super excited mum when my little one asked Santa for a bracelet for Christmas on her list (she's only 3) it made me really happy that she has some seriously good taste in Jewellery like her Mummy!

I decided to go for something really delicate and small for her teeny wrist, so I went for the Celestial Star Bracelet Click Here to Buy it is super sparkly which she LOVES and it comes in a really small size 16 which meant it wouldn't easily come off her arm.
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It is not one of the cheapest bracelets but I know that she will cherish it for a long time as she has not wanted to take it off at all! It is priced at £70 but all of the sparkly stones make up for that price 10 times over, when the light catches them its like a glittery night sky!
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There are matching products to the bracelet also including a ring, great if you are going to a mama and daughter party..... Click Here to Buy
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Angey x

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