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Stress Free Potty Training in 6 simple steps!

October 1st, 2019
Stress Free Potty Training in 6 simple steps!
Stress free potty training in six simple steps...

Using the potty successfully is a big step for your child to make and to successfully achieve this, the timing must be right. Potty training cannot be hurried and you will need to be patient. Each child is different, so don't compare notes with other parents about ages, your child will use his potty when he is ready – and probably when you are not expecting it!

Some children are using the potty before their second birthday but others will not be until they are three years old – by this age 90% of children are potty trained. It's a fact that generally, girls potty train younger and faster than boys. Many parents plan to potty train in the summer when layers of clothes do not get in the way. If you are thinking about potty training, do not try to if you have a new baby in the house as young children often revert to some baby habits for a while. Likewise, don't try and potty train immediately after a house move or just as a parent has to go away for a spell.

Be patient, keep relaxed and you will find potty training successful and you can both happily say goodbye to nappies!
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1. Watch out for the signs!
Most children are ready to potty train when they are two to two and a half years old and there can be a few tell tale signs that show they are ready! Does your child know when he has wet or soiled his nappy? Is the gap between each pee greater than 30 minutes? Most important of all, does he recognise the sensation of peeing? Some children start to fidget, others hide behind a chair and some will even tell you that they are going to pee – eureka! Start planning the potty training! If your child is at this stage, potty training is easy and there will be fewer accidents.

2. Prepare for potty training.
In the run up to potty training, buy a nice comfortable potty and leave it in the lounge or bathroom (if the bathroom is upstairs, you might want two potties). Buy your child some attractive knickers/pants too. Some parents favour trainer pants but these can lead to confusion as they feel thicker like a nappy – better to opt for a dozen pairs of simple little undies! When you are changing their nappy, talk about pee and poo and let them see you and their older brothers and sisters using the toilet.
Choose your potty training week and clear the diary! Once you start potty training you are committed! Your child will no longer be wearing nappies and you will be taking the potty everywhere with you – which will include the supermarket, a friend's house and even church! So plan to stay at home as much as possible and appreciate that you will need to spend all your time with your child keeping a close eye....

3. Starting potty training.
Get your child dressed wearing their new knickers/ pants and after each meal get them to sit on the potty. If they usually poo at a regular time, suggest that they sit on the potty for a little while with their favourite book or some toys. Keep an eye on them through the day and get them to the potty as soon as they know they are going to pee or every half hour.
Encourage them to tell you when they think they need the potty. If your child is successful, give him plenty of praise, but if there is an accident, make light of it and simply mop it up as your child could easily get worried and anxious.
After each success make sure that they learn how to wash their hands with soap and water and teach them how to dry their hands properly – you might need a little step to help them reach the wash basin. It is really important to teach them good hygiene from the start.

4. Early day success
It usually dies take a few days for children to link the sensation of wanting to pee with sitting on the potty but once they have made this link things are much easier!
Do try and make things easy for your child by dressing them in simple clothes like pull down shorts or trousers or a simple skirt – avoid buttons, zips and definitely tights! If the weather is warm and sunny, tee-shirt and undies are perfect!

5. And night times too!
When you decide to remove your child's nappy during the day, it is best to do so at night as well. Make sure that you have a waterproof mattress cover under the bottom sheet to protect the mattress. If you can, make your child's final drink at tea time and ensure that they use the potty just before they go to bed.
There could be a few accidents in the early days but deal with these calmly. As your child gets the hang of using the potty by day, they will become dry at night too.

6. As confidence grows...
Once your child has mastered using the potty (generally speaking, there will be occasional mishaps!) you can try going out with them – but always make sure that you take the potty with you.
Don't rush your child, but when they are ready, they may want to try using the toilet. It is a good idea to buy a child seat that makes the toilet seat smaller and you will need the little step that you use for the washbasin. It is best if you have a boy to let them sit down for either a pee or a poo.
Make sure that your child washes his hands really well after using the toilet as this well minimise the chance of infection.
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Well congratulations to you both as potty training has been a success! There will be times however when your child could have an accident. Both being excitement or upset can cause an accident and sometimes if your child is poorly. Amusingly, accidents can sometimes happen when a child is just too en grossed in what he is doing....hey ho!

Chrissie x

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