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The BEST Halloween Picks 2019 at Argos

October 3rd, 2019
The BEST Halloween Picks 2019 at Argos
Promise yourself lots of ghoulish fun!

Halloween will be on Thursday 31 October this year and Argos have a fantastic selection of costumes, decorations and make up to ensure that you and your family have the best Halloween ever! Click Here to Buy

Halloween has certainly developed as a night of fun in recent years so if you have a party planned or you and your children are going 'trick or treating' Argos has everything you will need!

For children there is a great selection of fancy dress costumes including action characters, beautiful Disney princess outfits as well as some scary ghoulish costumes! Even babies can join in the seasonal fun as there are pint-sized costumes for them too including mini monsters and the most gorgeous baby pumpkin costumes! Click Here to Buy
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No one is ever too old to enjoy dressing up so look the part as a wicked witch or have you always wanted to be Superman – well just for the evening! Argos has all the accessories you will need to make your costume truly convincing so why not add some gossamer wings, ghastly fangs, a swirling cape or some horns? Argos has a great range of wigs and make-up too for the perfect finishing touches and if you are worried about getting the look right, there is help at hand on the Argos website with a step-by-step guide on how to apply the make up!

If you are planning to decorate your home or club, Argos has all you need to create a spooooky atmosphere! Choose from scary wall decorations, huge hairy spiders, fluttering bats and a truly eerie glitter skull! There is a variety of light up pumpkins to choose from including a fun tower of three pumpkins in descending sizes! The floating ghost will certainly scare everyone and the string of Halloween skull, eyeball or ghost lights will definitely make you shudder – but luckily if you are feeling scared there are strings of pumpkin lights too! Click Here to Buy
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There are LED lanterns decorated with black spiders and webs and the perfect sign for your front door advertising 'dead and breakfast'! To make everyone jump, there is a bright green neon wall light with the word 'spooky' in large letters! For younger children there are soft toys including black cats, witches and Dracula.

The Premier decoration range featured by Argos includes a spooky radio, animated haunted TV, a singing skeleton and a dancing Frankie. Be careful where you walk in darkened rooms as you might just bump into a flying witch or large skeleton! Click Here to Buy

Happy Halloween!

Chrissie x

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