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Beat the Half Term Boredom with Argos Toys

February 21st, 2019
Angey P.
Beat the Half Term Boredom with Argos Toys
There is nothing worse than having bored kids over Half Term holidays, we have put you together a FAB list of toys that could keep them entertained thanks to Argos. http://www.proudmummy.com/go/Ydrd
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Entertain the Kids this half term with Save up to 20% on selected Toys

These are all the hottest toys right now and there are some amazing reductions on Crayola Sets, Barbie, WWE and we even spotted a mud kitchen for the garden that has a great £20 OFF! http://www.proudmummy.com/go/LFHG
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Save 25% on Selected Little Live Pets

My little girl LOVES her little live pets that she got for Christmas, I cant believe many of them have been reduced by 25%, these will be sure to keep the kids entertained right now, some great prices. http://www.proudmummy.com/go/9Mt1
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Save up to 25% on Selected K'nex

Wow some kids (and dads) go to extremes with things like LEGO and K'NEX, check out this AWESOME Harley Davidson constructed out of K'NEX. Maybe you could try making something similar now there is 25% OFF selected K'NEX kits! http://www.proudmummy.com/go/1FV6
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Save 25% on Selected Barbie

Why don't you take Barb on her very own Half Term trip with this cool travel Barbie Set and her very own Helicopter, great time to grab them whilst they have 25% OFF selected ones. http://www.proudmummy.com/go/KzfV
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There is lots to keep the kids entertained on a budget this Half Term, but there is also a bunch of New Toys that the kids are going to want, we selected some of the best to take a look at. http://www.proudmummy.com/go/2NHY
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Happy Shopping mums and we hope you keep your little ones entertained.

Angey x

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