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How To start the new year off right

December 28th, 2017
How To start the new year off right
As the New Year rolls round it’s likely that you’ll be starting to think of resolutions. Life altering proclamations will be made such as, ‘I’m going to give up chocolate" (unlikely) or "I’m going to stop drinking alcohol" (even more unlikely) or "I’m going to win the lottery" (probably more likely than the former).
Instead of making impossible resolutions, why not adopt a few, more realistic life style changes,that can help you stonstart your new year the right way.

Clean up your act

If housework has become the bane of your existance then you need to act now to get things under control and stop it being an insurmountable chore.
I recently downloaded (for free) on Kindle "30 days to a clean and organised house" and it’s a great book. It breaks chores down into small, manegable tasks each day, such as decluttering the cutlery drawer, whilst building up a daily routine to keep on top of things.
If you don’t get to read it, here’s my top three ways to clean up.
1) clean your toilets, sinks and kitchen counters every day. This might sound obvious but if you are not in the habit of doing this already you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes to the cleanliness of your home.
2) make the bed. I know it’s a chore you feel you could do without when you’re rushing about in the morning, trying to find PE bags, car keys and so on. But it’s worth it. When you collapse in bed at the end of the day IT’S WORTH IT.
3) do your laundry from start to finish. If you put a wash on, make sure you iron, fold, hang and put it away all on the same day. This prevents that ever increasing ironing pile that gets so creased and messy, you end up having to rewash it!


Whether your an keep fit pro or an exercise novice, set yourself a target you can stick to. Don’t relate it to weight, or clothes size...simply determine to exercise regularly.
Either plan to do one workout a week, or maybe five mini workouts on weekdays. Look realistically at your lifestyle and plan something feasible that you can fit in and keep to. For me, ten minutes of yoga, five days a week, before the kids wake, is more likely achievable than saying I’ll hit the gym for an hour each week. Do what works, but do DO IT. Stick to it and remember, THIS GIRL CAN.

Eat right

Again, don’t plan to diet, loose weight or so on. But instead set yourself an achievable goal of eating healthy regularly. Why not select one day (when you know your schedule isn’t too busy) and say, that each week on that day you’ll cook yourself a healthy meal from scratch. Start with just the intention of one night a week. Once that’s habit, try increasing it to two, or maybe one plus a healthy lunch.
Start simple, create routine. Then roll it out to more days. And if you’re looking for healthy meal inspiration, you’ll find plenty of ideas in out food and cooking section!
There you are, three simple habits to get your new year off to a great start. They’re not life altering, all encompassing resolutions. Just simple, workable habits you can manage that will have a subtly positive impact on your life...as Yazz said, "the only way is up".

Hayley x

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