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How To Survive Winter Blues

December 29th, 2017
How To Survive Winter Blues
Right now in my part of the world it is –20 degrees C.

Sitting here in my cosy socks, I'm keeping close to the coffee pot and thinking about taking a 3 hour hot bath.

Christmas is over but winter is still here.
Some folks enjoy winter, but some of us just muddle our way through.

If you ever find yourself unusually down and sad during the winter months, maybe you have a case of the Winter Blues.
If so, what can you do about it?

Exercise. It stimulates those happy hormones and may do wonders for your mood. Even a short walk can lift your spirits. It's physically and mentally satisfying to know you did something good for your mind and body.

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Stay warm. Keep the teapot simmering. Stock up on a new and flavorful hot brew. Wrapping yourself in a blanket with a warm drink is restful and comforting. Treat yourself when you need a lift.

Add light and color. Work in sunny areas whenever possible. Add bright colors to your living and work spaces.

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Eat healthy food. When your body is well nourished, you feel better all over. Add protein, fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet.

Start a new hobby. Cross-country skiing? Painting? Online Scrabble? Creativity and activity add life to dreary winter days.

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Take note of your "blue" times. Many people feel down when the daylight starts to fade. Make the most of the daylight hours and plan fun activities later in the day.

Many people struggle with seasonal sadness. If you seem to be staying blue, find a friend, family member, or counsellor and talk things over.

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"Wake me up when it's summer."
What do you do to get through the winter? Add your comments below!

Lisa x

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