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One Pot, Kid-Friendly Meals

December 12th, 2017
One Pot, Kid-Friendly Meals

Pasta in a pot

All kids seem to love pasta, it’s quick it’s simple and it’s a pretty healthy option. That’s why it’s coming up first in our list of one pot meals for kids. Thanks to Kidspot for the recipe for this tasty looking pasta in a pot!https://www.kidspot.com.au/kitchen/recipes/italian-wonderpot-3532
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Lemon potato chicken bake

This is one of those delicious recipes that you’ll enjoy as much as the kids. It’s a really simple one pot option and uses staple ingredients you’re likely to have in stock, so ideal to throw together when you haven’t been shopping! Check out the recipe here Click Here to Buy
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Sausage and bean bake

There’s something warming about a good sausage casserole in the winter months that makes you think of camp fires and cowboys (or is that just me?) What’s even more warming is the fact that there’s only one pot to wash up after you’ve cooked this delicious sausage and bean bake! Get the recipe herehttps://www.mummypages.co.uk/recipes/jumbo-sausage-and-bean-cassoulet
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Burrito bowl

This one pot burrito bowl looks so simple to make, it only takes half an hour, leaving the other half free to watch Eastenders! To me this looks ideal for a bit of self customisation, picking and choosing what to throw in according to the preferences of your little ones. See the recipe over at Click Here to Buy
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TUna pasta

Ok, so I know I’m finishing on another pasta dish here but tuna pasta bake is always a crowd pleaser and a great way of getting fish on the menu that isn’t in fingers. This looks mega tasty, simple and is low on calories, which is great if you want to serve up a treat you can all enjoy, whilst watching you’re figure too. Find the details here Click Here to Buy
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Have you tried any of these? Comment your reviews below or let us know your own favourite one pot meals.

Hayley x

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