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What Should I Make For Christmas Dinner??

December 10th, 2017
What Should I Make For Christmas Dinner??
Whether the family are coming over for Christmas or not, it’s always a good idea to be prepared for that lovely Christmas dinner. As if having an endless amount of chocolate and sweets isn’t enough, we’ve got to stuff ourselves with a traditional roast but with double the servings! Yet, having a traditional roast year after year tends to bore me. I love trying all different things every year, whether that’s pigs in blankets or even cooking potatoes in different ways. The adventures you can have whilst cooking the dinner is great. Throughout the years, I’ve tried many different recipes and ways of cooking various different foods, whilst some have been a total hit with the family, others have been a slight disaster. I love sharing ideas and couldn’t wait to share my secret Christmas dinner specials that make my dinner extra special. I hereby give you all written permission to use my ideas if you want to spruce up your Christmas.
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Garlic Carrots

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A personal favourite is covering chopped carrots with either garlic granules or fresh garlic cloves and baking them in the oven. Before you put them in the oven though make sure your tray and carrots are oiled, they’ll be extra crispy and garlicky when they come out. They’re so much nicer than just regular baked carrots and I’ve never been a fan of mashed carrot either so this is a great alternative.

Roast Potatoes in Meat Juices

I saw this on TV a few years ago and although many people that I know do it, I thought I’d share this trick anyway! It’s a simple but delicious twist on your normal roast potatoes. Simply cook the meat of your choice and use the juices (mixed with some oil!) and pour over your fresh potatoes before they go in the oven. They’ll taste amazing and they’ll look fit for a king or queen too! Don’t worry about the mess either, pouring the juices into a jug before they go over the potatoes will stop any accidents happening.
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Try Cheesy Leeks Instead of Broccoli

As a child, my mother always used to make us cheesy broccoli as part of our traditional roast dinner and as much as I love them, they can get boring. When I was at university a good few years ago now, I had some cheesy leeks on our flat Christmas dinner and they tasted great. Ever since, I’ve always swapped from broccoli to leeks every year depending on who’s at my house. It’s a nice change if you’re not up for the norm.
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Make Sure the Tunes are on Blast

It might not be a direct dinner idea but it’s certainly a big part of making and consuming the dinner, the Christmas tunes! Make sure that even from 7am in the morning when the kids wake up all excited for Santa, you keep those songs on repeat all day. You might start losing the will to live by 7pm (let’s be honest, Christmas Day is one of the longest of the whole year!) but your spirit will definitely be in full swing.
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Do you have any Christmas ideas that you'd like to share? We'd love to hear what you've got to say!

Olivia x

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