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Parenting Hacks For The Cold Winter Months

December 7th, 2017
Parenting Hacks For The Cold Winter Months
As my old pal (I wish) Jon Snow would say, "Winter is coming" and that can be a real pain for Parents. So we’ve put together these Parenting Hacks to get you through the chilly winter months.

Snotty noses and coughs

We can’t guarantee snow this winter, but you can pretty much count on your child picking up a cough or cold over the winter. These three tips might help make those germ ridden days just slightly more bareable.
1) vapour rub. If you haven’t already started using this stuff as your go to product for colds, where have you been? Rub on little feet before tucking into cosy socks or a sleep suit.
2) honey. As much as I’d like to recommend a healthy dose of whisky alongside this age old remedy, I fear it may be frowned upon. You can however make the most of the therapeutic benefits of honey for suppressing coughs. Add a teaspoon to warm milk at bedtime for children over two. It is important to note that honey is not recommended for infants.
3) snot sleeve. This is the Marmite of hacks, in that you’ll either love it or hate it. If you’re fed up of snot stained faces, disguarded tissues and crusty sleeves, then why not make your own snot sleeve. Cut the end of a pair of adult socks and stretch the remaining tube over your kids coat sleeve...instant snot wiper!

WRap up warm

As much as we’d love to just stay in front of the fire all winter, the time comes when we all have to brace the cold for one reason or another. Check out these ideas for keeping cosy when out and about or when your trying to stay warm in bed!
1) car seat safety. I think people are increasingly aware of the dangers of extra padding on seat belt effectiveness. Wearing thick, bulky coats, puts your child at risk when travelling. So instead strap them in and then put their coat on backwards, so that arms and chest are kept warm. Use blankets for legs and if possible preheat the car before travelling to really keep them cosy.
2) step ahead. I’m not sure how they do it, but it seems no matter what footwear kids have on, even wellies, they end up with wet feet in the winter. Banish sodden toes with a plastic bag layered in between their socks and shoes. This is great if you’re spending the day in the great outdoors.
3) sleeping tight. My boy probably fidgets enough in his sleep to earn air miles, and he kicks the covers off within minutes. So on cold nights I make sure he wears a onesie (great for keeping bellies covered!) and is tucked into a sleeping bag, rather than under a quilt. Younger children can have those awesome sleep sacks which strap over shoulders too!
Any other top tips to share? Would you try the snot sleeve? Share your thoughts below ...

Hayley x

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