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Who is more of a picky eater? The kids or the husbands?

December 7th, 2017
Who is more of a picky eater? The kids or the husbands?
Ok, so be honest. When you’re planning the weekly meals, is it the kids or the hubby that has you reaching for fishfingers and chips whilst shunning a stir fry?

In our house it is most definitely the husband.

I remember when I first cooked a meal for him and decided to play it safe with a spag bol. He asked if I meant spaghetti hoops.

I knew I was in trouble.

Fourteen years on and he’d still choose a Rustlers microwave burger over a steak and although I’m no Nigella, my cooking honestly isn’t that bad that reheated polystyrene should be preferable.

Whilst I struggle to get my son to eat meat (he’s just never been a fan) I console myself with the fact that he likes vegetables and will happily munch down on carrots, brocolli and sweet corn like a champ.

Husband however doesn’t do vegetables. He goes as far as to basically refuse to eat any ‘greenery’ as he calls it.

In all the years we’ve been married I’ve just about trained him to eat carrots, but if he can fill up first on meat with a side order of more meat, then the carrots get sidelined.

To make matters worse he doesn’t like spicey food (something I like until steam comes out of my ears).

At meal times he can basically share a meal with my son, littleun eating all the veg whilst hubby sustains himself on meat, "me hunter-eat meat".

I long for the days when I can cook a romantic meal for two that doesn’t involve me spelling out suggestive phrases with Alphabites.

In case you think this is all artistic licence and I’m exaggerating, I’ll share this: last year on his birthday I served him a burger with a candle it in, he was ecstatic!

The only advantage is that when we have a McDonalds I get extra gherkins, as they break his nor greenery rule.
So? Be honest! Who is the picky eater in your family?!

Hayley x

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