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12 Easy Ways to Save On Groceries [and buy the new shoes instead]

October 29th, 2017
12 Easy Ways to Save On Groceries [and buy the new shoes instead]
Sometimes spending money on groceries can feel like a waste of your hard earned pennies. Who wouldn’t rather want to spend their money on a new pair of shoes than buying washing detergents and toiler paper? Necessities or not, we have some great tips on saving during your next visit to the grocery store; maybe you can have clean dishes and new shoes after all!

Before you shop

Eat. Never shop hungry. You’ll end up buying snacks and possibly even eat them before you’ve paid for them. There is often no cost too high to feed that hungry bear in your stomach, so rather silence him before you get to the store and lose your good judgement.

Make a list, and buy only what is on the list. This can be tricky if the kids are "helping" but encourage them to see the difference between needs and wants and maybe even to make lists of their own.

Plan your meals and shop accordingly. Plan so that you can use dinner leftovers for the following day’s lunch. This will save on groceries and also help eliminate food waste.

Keep your pantry organized and clean out the fridge every couple of weeks. This way you can use what you already have first, and avoid purchasing duplicate items.

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While you shop

Choose your store carefully. Some stores are generally cheaper than others for exactly the same items. Shop around for discounts and buy non-food grocery items, such as cleaning products and plastic goods at discount stores.

Don’t be afraid to purchase ‘no name’ brands. ‘No name’ goods are often made by the same manufacturer than label brands, however just have a different label on them. You will be surprised how much you can save by simply purchasing cheaper brands if you know there is not a significant decrease in quality.

Don’t be afraid to substitute or try new, cheaper foods. You may find a few items that you really like and can be creative with.

You are buying an item on your grocery list when suddenly you see a bulk deal or 2-for-1 special. If it is not an item you use regularly it may actually not benefit you to spend more in order to get the deal. The special is only to your benefit if you know you actually need it in bulk quantity.

Use store coupons.

Ready-prepared foods such as green salads, pre-cut veggies, and fruit salad are often a heftier amount more than the raw produce. Buy the raw ingredients and shred the lettuce yourself, peel your own veggies and cut your own fruit. Not only does the produce last longer but you will save a large sum.

After you shop

Keep an eye on the expiry dates of your groceries, package the food appropriately and use what you can to eliminate waste.

Pre-cook, freeze and pre-package some ready-to-go meals. Knowing there is something ready at home will decrease the temptation to eat out.

Follow the above tips and you may even be able to add that new pair of shoes to your shopping basket, even better, put the amount you saved away and see it grow into a meaningful, maybe even life-changing amount over the period of a few months.

What other grocery saving tips work well for you? Please share with us below.

Helga x

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