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Christmas Cuteness for your Little Bundles

October 18th, 2017
Christmas Cuteness for your Little Bundles
Every Christmas I find myself looking for gifts for babies and I never know what to get. Not because I'm sh*t when it comes to buying presents (trust me, I'm good!) but because babies are the hardest to buy for. You could just go with a sleep suit and have the whole ordeal over within a matter of minutes but I always want to personalise my gifts, make them have something on them that stands out. I love it when people acknowledge your present buying skills, and that is where My 1st Years comes in nicely.
"Everything comes packed in the most luxurious looking gift boxes."
My 1st Years are specialists in the cutest baby things from birth to around 5 years old. This year they've released a Christmas range that is just something you've got to see, not only is everything 'gift' worthy but it's made me order multiple things that definitely won't be gifts. From personalised stockings to the most beautiful Christmas tree baubles, they've got everything. I've put together a list of my favourite 10 things they've got on sale this Christmas because I thought I had to share these amazing products, they're not in any specific order but you can choose your favourites!

1. Personalised Advent Calender

Proud Mummy Blog Image 4

2. Ride On Aeroplane

Proud Mummy Blog Image 7

3. Family Present Sack

Proud Mummy Blog Image 10

4. Personalised Baby Bib

Proud Mummy Blog Image 13

5. Angel Bauble

Proud Mummy Blog Image 16

6. 1st Christmas Photo Frame

Proud Mummy Blog Image 19

7. Mummy Christmas Socks

Proud Mummy Blog Image 22

8. Personalised Bean bag

Proud Mummy Blog Image 25

9. Penguin Robe

Proud Mummy Blog Image 28

10. Little Pudding BabySuit

Proud Mummy Blog Image 31
You can't tell me you don't love absolutely everything they offer at Christmas time, right? They have something for everyone celebrating Christmas so if you've still got people to buy for then you should definitely check out all the Christmas range they have!

What are your favourite products in the My 1st Years range? Share with us in the comments!

Olivia x

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