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Money-Saving Tips for New Mums and Dads

October 15th, 2017
Money-Saving Tips for New Mums and Dads
Children are a gift straight from above. However, they also come with plenty of unforeseen expenses that can empty your pockets faster than anything. Happier, baby wipes, Prakash, car seats, books, toys, ahh! The list goes on and on. New mums are very susceptible to feeling as thought they need it all. But, you will find that after your little one has grown, there will be some things that you have never used. Let’s look at some tips to prevent you from spending all your money in your little one’s first year.

Baby Food

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While it may seem more convenient, it is far healthier and economical to make babies food. Who needs a company to purée a squash for them? You can save a lot of bank here. If you have a slow cooker or pressure cooker, simply cook down the vegetables and then either use an immersion blender or a food processor to make the food smooth.

Transporting toOls

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There are probably more ways to carry your baby than there are to name one. There are baby carriers, car seats, prams, swings, rockers, bouncers, wagons, and so much more. Before you put each one you find on a list to receive as a gift, think of what you will actually use. For me, I could not get comfortable with a baby carrier for the list of me. I ended up just carrying my babies with my good ‘ol arms. Of course, I used a pram and a car seat, but not much more. Of course, use what you wish, just think hard about it because you want to reduce cost and waste. Your child can literally only use one at a time.

Brand names

One thing I really changed from my 1st baby to my 2nd is the amount of name brands that I used. With my first, I spent more for the "tried and true" brands, whether that is for baby food, nappies or wipes. Now, apart from an allergic reaction, using a generic or lower cost brand can significantly increase your savings.
The most important thing to remember is that the thing that your new baby needs the most is what he or she already has, loving parents to keep them safe. They will not care if you paid £50 or £1000 for a car seat. They will care that you ensured they were safe. They won’t ask why you put them in a baby carrier instead of your arms. All that they will care about is that you did your best and what works for you.

Bottom line is: shower your new little one with lots of love and care... then, the rest will follow.

Natalie x

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