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Cutest Baby & Toddler Halloween Costumes from Etsy

October 13th, 2017
Cutest Baby & Toddler Halloween Costumes from Etsy
Etsy’s independent sellers never fail to make and sell the cutest baby and toddler Halloween costumes at this time of year. Is there a better way to spend this Halloween that isn’t dressing your little one up in all different cute costumes? I’ve got to admit, it’s one of my favourite things to do. Halloween is possibly one of the best times of year (besides Christmas, hello 12-week countdown!) so it just gets better when you can find the sweetest pumpkin outfit for your little pumpkin to wear. We’ve made a list of some of the best baby and toddler costumes you’ve got to see this Halloween, they’ll definitely make you smile and maybe even want to buy one for your kiddies.

Pumpkin Spiced Baby

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Why go to Starbucks this Halloween when you can get an outfit for your baby that is a pumpkin spice latte? There is no better costume than this for your little one! It’s such a cute idea too, what other babies do you know that can be a Starbucks drink! Order it HERE > Click Here to Buy

A Trick or Treat Gift

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This outfit is perfect for a little one who’s going trick or treating for the first time, or even just a baby who wants to join in the fun! I don’t know what I love more, the smile on her face or the headband in her hair, you can’t tell me that didn’t make you say ‘awwww’ Order it HERE > Click Here to Buy


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This gorgeous skeleton dress gets all ages involved, including the little ones who are normally opposed! It’s a skeleton dress with some socks and a headband, my little girl loves dressing in dresses so there won’t be a problem getting it on and everyone will love it including her! Order it HERE > Click Here to Buy

Simply a Pumpkin Hat

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If you don’t really think your little one is old enough for a proper costume just yet then you can always try them with a pumpkin hat, the personification of Halloween is definitely pumpkins so if they definitely couldn’t be any more fitting than wearing this. You don’t have to worry about comfort either because you can get handmade ones or even make your own! Order it HERE > Click Here to Buy or get the pattern HERE >> Click Here to Buy

Mini Dorothy

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The Wizard of Oz couldn’t get any better with this amazing, cute Dorothy outfit! There is even an adult version so you and your small one can match this Halloween! You can’t tell me that you don’t absolutely love this outfit, I’d say it’s my favourite! It’s perfect for the little ones who want the balance between witch and princess – our perfect mini Dorothy! Order it HERE > Click Here to Buy

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