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Lower Your Heating Bill With These Simple Tips

October 1st, 2017
Lower Your Heating Bill With These Simple Tips
A big difference between winter and summer, except the endless amounts of good weather and not having to complain about being cold every 5 minutes, is the fact that our heating bills rise to sky high which leaves us having to pay a massive bill during those colder months. It’s annoying because we can’t help feeling cold, and we also can’t help the weather being miserable (except when it’s snowing because that’s a great time for everyone…) Yet, there are some tricks that you can do to make sure your heating bill doesn’t rise too much. Winter brings Christmas and that also means you’re spending a lot more money on presents you don’t in the summer so whenever you can, it’s best to save money. Even if it’s £5 here or there, every penny counts and the more you save on stupid costs like electricity and heating bills, the better.

We thought it was only fitting as it’s now October (I know right, where is this year going!) to compile a few tips and tricks to help keep your house a little warmer this winter and without costing you any more money than you’re already spending.
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Keep your curtains closed (especially in the night time)

The best way to keep heat from escaping your house is too close all your blinds and curtains. This is mainly because a lot of heat escapes from windows and it is possibly the worst thing in the world when your house feels cold but you don’t want to waste money turning the heating on. Close your curtains, grab a blanket or duvet, your little family and all snuggle under the covers, it means you stay warm, save money, and become a lot closer to your kids whilst you’re at it. I always have movie nights in the winter like this with my family, a good Christmas movie to get everyone in the spirit is always a good idea.
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Lower the heat on the water heater

Nobody ever has a boiling hot shower or bath so why pay to have the water heat up to that temperature if no-one is going to actually use it, it just wastes money and time. The best thing to do is turn down the heat on the water heater which means the water never actually gets too hot (as it’s not use anyway.) If you really want to save money, you can boil your kettle a few times and use the hot water for a bath combined with some cold water from the tap. This means you don’t have to use your water heater at all, just a little more electric which is a lot cheaper in the long run.
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Close doors when you’re not using rooms

Heat is so easy to lose, make sure all your doors in the house are closed whether you’re using the rooms or not. It’s always a good idea to just heat the room in your house you’re currently using and a lot of the time, it can be heated by a few bodies being in there so it’s probably best to close all your doors and only open them if you need to.
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Light a fire

Don’t just randomly light a fire in the middle of your living room, this only applies to people who have log fires or a place to light a safe fire. If you have young children awake when it’s on make sure they don’t go anywhere near it as it is a major hazard but it’s a great way to save money on your heating bill as it costs virtually nothing to light a log fire in your living room. Plus it looks really pretty so why wouldn’t you want to do it!
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Do you have any tips to save some money on heating and making sure your house is warm in the winter? Share your thoughts in comments!

Olivia x

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