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Amazing Mum Reveals How She Feeds Her Entire Family On £38 Week!

October 1st, 2017
Amazing Mum Reveals How She Feeds Her Entire Family On £38 Week!
Danielle Ross (not pictured) is amazing. She has become a mini celebrity seemingly overnight with her amazing money saving. Lucky for us all, she has revealed how she saves money and how she and her family eat on £35 per week.

Danielle's family consists of five (2 adults, 3 children) people and a dog. I don't know about you, but I can barely feed my dog on £35 a week!

Let's explore Danielle's tips and tricks to see if we can help you save some extra cash, as well.


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While it is easy to get carried away with elaborate lunches, it is not necessary. To make some budget-friendly lunches you can make a pot of pasta salad to give the kids. (Pasta is cheaper than bread.) Get a bag of raw carrots and/or celery, slice them and send in a yoghurt dip with them. A reusable water bottle will satiate thirst. Sure, the kids would prefer a sugary snack, but it's really not necessary.

Get the family on board

As with anything else, get the family on board and this will be much easier. Danielle gives her children each £1 during each shopping trip to teach the value of money and for them to learn how to budget. As they learn this, they will stop asking for the sugary snacks, or they will understand that it is cheapest to bake your own. Involving your kids not only teaches them life lessons for the future, but also provides valuable bonding time for everyone.

Save on pet food

Pet food can be massively expensive. Two choices to save some money are to make your own or to do a subscription plan. Royal Canine has a monthly magazine that it sends out and contains coupons for discounted dog food.

Stick to the list

It is easy to get distracted by the crisps on sale and the sweet treats. However, do not cave in. You have a list that you need to stick to. Use coupons and only purchase items that are on sale. When an item screams out "Buy Me!" remember all the other things you can purchase with that money. Remember why you are motivated to save! Is it a house? A car? Children's education? A holiday? Whatever it is, tell that food item that it's not as important as what you are motivated to do once you leave the store.
Lucky for us all, Danielle is still sharing her tips and tricks on social media. She can be found on Facebook on her page Healthy Family Meals on a Budget. Click Here to Buy
What are some of your saving tips and tricks? What can you do differently to save some money? Share in our comment section!

Natalie x

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