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5 Effortless Ways to Save for a Holiday When You Have No Money

September 17th, 2017
5 Effortless Ways to Save for a Holiday When You Have No Money
Sometimes taking a holiday seems more like a luxury than a necessity. Not only do you need to set the time aside to be away from home and work, but the cost of the adventure just seems impossible to match. Taking a holiday, however, has proven to be necessary for one's health and well-being. Whether it’s a family getaway or just a little TLC for you and a partner, start planning and start saving! Not sure you can make the cut? Here are 5 easy ways to save for your trip and make your dream getaway a reality.

1. Ditch the morning Java

Have you ever considered how much your morning Cuppa Joe sets you back? If you stop for a quick pick-me-up daily at Starbucks, making your own cup at home or at the office instead could save you anything from £30 to £60+ monthly. That’s huge! Cut the Java for a month or 3 and think about how much more you will enjoy a fruity cocktail on the beach.

2. Budget for a holiday-kitty

Start putting a small amount aside monthly into a holiday savings kitty. This should be non-negotiable. So if you see that handbag you really like, or you are dying to buy a fancy stroller, the funds may under no circumstances be taken from your monthly allocated holiday savings fund. Your bag may only last a while, but your holiday memories will last a lifetime!

3. Use coupons and loyalty cards

This is probably the easiest tip of all – swipe when you shop. Just this week I got 2 days worth of shopping for free due to loyalty card points I had earned. I shop where it’s convenient, so I don’t make much of an effort to specifically build up these points, however, I still managed to clock up 2 days of shopping! Get swiping!

4. Flashy Parties ARE OVERRATED

If you love throwing lavish celebrations for your kids or yourself, why not downscale this year's big bash and load up on the holiday savings instead. In fact, you could go on your holiday for your special occasion instead of spending loads on food, drinks, entertainment and party décor.
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5. This round is [not] on me

No need to feel obliged to always buy the next round of drinks. Chip in for your own, but no need to take the full round.

When it's time for dinner, swap take-out for home-made alternatives. It doesn’t have to be labour intensive. There are very convenient options available, and you will most likely be eating a little healthier as an unintended bonus. You will be amazed how much you can save in just one or 2 months. However, be sure to stash away the savings into your holiday fund straight away before spending it elsewhere!
Of course your savings journey may come at a cost, but wait until you realize how much you can actually save in a short space of time with these simple sacrifices. When your friends see you on Instagram with your cocktail in hand and clear turquoise waters in the background, they won’t hold it against you for not throwing your yearly big bash or skipping the last round of drinks. They’ll be staring with admiration at your determination and with a tear in the eye murmur to themselves, ‘I wish that was me’.

How do you build up a holiday savings fund? Give us your top tips below.

Helga x

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