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Why Most Parents Cannot Stand This Little Boy...

September 10th, 2017
Why Most Parents Cannot Stand This Little Boy...
If you are a parent, you've probably already met him. The most annoying little boy in all the land... Caillou. Now, I see you non-parents or parents-to-be judging me. Before you call in the mum-shaming army, watch an episode of this little brat and I bet you'll change your tune and stop your eye-rolls.

This bald little dictator may rule his house, but you don't have to let him rule your toddler. Here are some reasons why most parents cannot stand Caillou and how to steer clear of the bald little guy.

His voice

Caillou has the most whiniest voice of all time. And even worse, he loves to talk. The theme song of the show is just Caillou's name over and over and over and over and over.... That should be the first hint to quickly change the channel before your kid gets sucked into the Caillou world.

He rules his house

We all know that children learn by example and by what they see on television. Caillou's parents respond to his every need. They go beyond raising him and just allow him to rule their world. He is not taught that sometimes you need to hear the word "no," compassion, how to deal with rejection or any sort of life lesson.

Your kids will mimic him

Unless you're one of the rare parents that love to hear their child whine and cry ALL THE TIME then by all means TURN THE CHANNEL BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE.

Turn back now before your kid gets sucked in, too. Anything is better than Caillou! Even that little, snorting Peppa Pig!
Share your thoughts... Am I crazy or do you share a common hatred for Caillou? What are some other shows that our parents-to-be should steer clear of? Save them from the headache by warning them in our comment section!

Natalie x

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