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12 Tips That Will Help You Become a Better Parent

September 3rd, 2017
12 Tips That Will Help You Become a Better Parent
When you become a parent, no one gives you a handbook. Sure, you get tips and advice from friends and family about parenthood but not everyone wants to parent a child the same way. One friend might love baby-led weaning whilst another is all about food blending. It’s just personal preference. There are a few general rules of thumb though that can help you if you’re a new mum or dad looking for a few tips and advice on having a new baby or toddler. No one is perfect so you will get things wrong too, just make sure you’re always being the best parent you can be and don’t worry about anything else. Parenthood is all about mistake and error, things aren’t going to go to plan but living with the consequences and learning from your mistakes is all about the process of becoming the best of the best.

I’ve devised 12 tips to help if you’re struggling with parenting right now, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. We all go through it at some point. Hopefully, these tips will allow you to feel more confident with yourself and your skills as a parent.
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1. Pick your battles, it’s not always about being right it’s about forgetting somethings and rising above it. Focus on the things that matter…

2. Not everything needs to be fixed, children have to learn to be self-reliant in life. This can be hard to come to terms with it but that’s just life.

3. Make nice memories, it will be lovely in years to come to look back and be able to talk about all the wonderful things that you and your child done together.

4. Take charge, children can forget who’s in charge. When it’s needed you might want to let them know who’s boss every now and again.

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5. Tell the truth, you don’t want to get your kids lying at a young age as it won ‘t be good for them in the future. Even if it’s not pretty, the truth is always the right path to take.

6. Apologise if you’re wrong. It’s hard apologising to anyone but it can be even harder apologising to kids, it’s important to do it though as they learn valuable life skills.

7. Kiss and hug your partner in front of them, they need to know what love is and it’s nice to show them that you two have love for each other. Often, this makes kids feel even more loved themselves.

8. Just say no, if it’s not needed or you disagree with something it’s ok to say no. After all, it’ll teach them that they can’t always get everything in life.

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9. Give yourself a break, being a parent isn’t easy so you deserve time off every now and again. Take some time to yourself to have a cuppa and eat a biscuit.

10. Live a little, play with your kids. Family time is so essential in the first few years of a child’s life. Always make time to play with them and listen to what they say.

11. Explain about morals and values, this will mean your child learns to be a good person in the future and knows the value and meaning of their life.

12. Always say I love you. Children need to know they are loved. Let them know.

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Do you have any parenting tips that might help people who are struggling? Share with us your tips and tricks of parenthood!

Olivia x

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