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How To Lose Baby Weight FAST!

August 25th, 2017
How To Lose Baby Weight FAST!
Ah, pregnancy, isn’t it just a barrel of laughs? I do love a good pregnancy. The endless number of stretchmarks you conceive, the amazing morning sickness, and everything else that comes with the joys of having a baby… Yet when the joy of actually having a child starts to wear off and the sleepless nights kick in (if you’re yet to experience it, I wish you luck!) then the whole situation of wanting to get your old body back starts.

Like it or not, not everyone has a perfectly toned stomach and half of us can’t see our toes past our little tummy’s (before and during pregnancy!) So when it comes to trying to get that excess baby weight off your jiggly bits, we don’t have the easiest time. It seems like your waistline just seems to go ‘f*ck it’ after your second child and totally disappear. Despite this, we want to look good. Don’t we, ladies? I’m not out to impress anyone in particular (ok maybe just the really hot, newly-divorced dad at the school gates) but I like looking good and feeling confident.

Being confident in your own skin is one of the most attractive things anyone can find in a person, just because your jiggly bits are extra wobbly after you’ve grown a human doesn’t mean to say you can’t begin to feel confident again.

I thought it would only be fitting to give you a few tips on shedding that excess weight so you can start to feel a little more like yourself again…
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Limit the alcohol consumption

Possibly one of the hardest of all the tips I’ll suggest is to limit your alcohol consumption to help get rid of those extra pounds. When you’ve had a baby the first thing you want to do (other than sleep) is to drink! Alcohol is great fun and when used safely and can mean you make great memories but you pay for it in your weight. Many different liquors and beers contain several different sugars that really aren’t good if you’re looking at getting rid of those jiggles.

So, it’s definitely the most useless tip out of them all as no one will do it but it’s still good to know. Less is more in terms of getting those pounds off. Just have maybe one or two vodkas’ instead of 57.
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Don’t eat past 8pm

Snacking is never good, baby weight or no baby weight. Eating in between meals can end up in a real weight gain and that’s not something you want when you’ve just had a baby. Stopping your bad eating habits as soon as you’ve had the baby is better, really, as you can then get onto thinking about life without having the baby as an excuse to eat all the food you want (it does suck!)

8 pm is a reasonable time to stop eating. Maybe have a glass of water or cup of tea before you settle down to bed and let your stomach process all the foods you’ve eaten throughout the day rather than putting more into it.
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Join a slimming group

Any sort of slimming group is great if you need to get a few pounds off, plus it means you can dump the baby on someone else for an hour or two whilst you have a coffee/tea with your little slimming friends. I did Slimming World last year and absolutely loved it, everyone is so supportive. If you feel like you won’t be able to get those pounds off without other people helping you, a group like this is so important.

Granted, you clap at weight losses (yes it sounds super lame, I know) but it’s helpful and will definitely get you where you want to be in a very good period.
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Do you have any personal strategies that help with losing a few pounds after pregnancy that you think would work better? Let us know in the comments!

Olivia x

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