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When You Get Overwhelmed With Everything: This Is What You Need To Do

August 25th, 2017
When You Get Overwhelmed With Everything: This Is What You Need To Do
Have you ever felt overwhelmed? Like you just can't face it anymore? Felt that you don't even know where to start with everything you have to do? Wait, you're a parent. Of course you've felt like this. WE ALL DO at some point.

For me I think social media can be the problem. We compare ourselves constantly to Supermummy blogs, Artsymom posts and Healthymamma sites and come up short.

It may be the stresses of balancing work and parenting, or the trials of full time parenting! Whatever it is that is causing you to feel that it's all too much, take a look through these tips and see if you can't get your feet back on even ground (even if the left one is impaled on a piece of Lego, whilst the right is discovering a squished banana!)

Get some perspective

Ask yourself if your expectations are realistic. Are they even your own expectations? All those things that you can't manage, the lists, the tasks, the jobs. Do they really need doing? According to who?

Be honest with yourself. What do you actually need to achieve compared to what tasks you are fretting over? Don't compare yourself to what others are doing (or say they are doing). Don't judge yourself against impossible targets.

Be real. If you haven't hand made your kid's Halloween costume, or sautéed something for dinner. If you don't get round to ironing that t-shirt or you stick the TV on for an hour instead of preparing an arts and craft activity. Your kids will be fine, they will not be traumatised for life.

Get some perspective on your to do lists and ease up on the self imposed pressure.

Do just one thing

Set out to achieve just one thing. ONE THING. It needn't be huge, impressive or particularly unique. It may well be a mundane chore such as putting a wash on, or filing some paperwork.

Take one thing from you 'list' and do it. Completely. Job done. Feel better.

Do not see this task as 'the first' task. That supposes that it is the 'first of many' and just leads to more stress as you have only achieved one thing on your list. You start panicking about the length of your list and how completing one task just leads to another and then another...

See it as a standalone task. One job that you have finished. Well done.

Seek others

Delegate. If at all possible, share the load a little. If part of the problem is the mounting housework, get everyone to do a small task to help you. A simple, "find four things around the house that are not out away and put them where they belong" can get the place tidier in no time.

Ask for help. There is no shame in asking for a helping hand. Whether it's a friend to pop over and watch the kids whilst you do a spring clean, or a colleague to help you with a work problem you're stressing over, don't feel you have to shoulder it all yourself.

Getting someone to lend you a hand helps to share the load and lessen the burden mentally, as well as physically.

Say no

Learn to say no. Just occasionally, give yourself a break and say no when you're being asked to give more of yourself than you can afford to give. Honestly, it won't make you a bad person. I'm pretty sure even Jesus had days when he said, "sorry folks, they'll be no water into wine tonight, I've just got too much going on".

Make some you tiMe

That's right. You heard me. YOU TIME. Time just for you. To do something that you love, that makes you happy, that helps you unwind.

It may be exercise, bubble baths, a good book or a hobby. Find time to delegate to yourself. Because in the words of Jennifer Anniston, "you're worth it".
I hope these tips help you, when you are feeling overwhelmed. Remember, you won't be the first one to contemplate barricading yourself in the bathroom with a bottle of Merlot when it's only 8:39 in the morning.

Any other tips you'd add? Let us know below what you do to unwind. For me it's yoga, writing and Galaxy chocolate. I'd love to hear yours xx

Hayley x

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