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How To Get Back Into The Routine After Summer

August 20th, 2017
How To Get Back Into The Routine After Summer
School holidays are amazing. They are lazy, full of sand and sun and they tend to exhaust our children in a way that helps them sleep oh, so grand. But, what happens when the holiday is over? What happens when you need to reel your children in from their adventures and get them ready to get back into the routine of school. It's not easy, but it's also not impossible. Here are some pointers on how to accomplish this while still enjoying the last days of summer.


A few weeks before school is set to begin, establish a bedtime that will work well for your little one's new schedule. Put it into practice so that it's not a surprise when they need to wake up early again for school.

Establish a night-time routine. It can be completely fun and can still include many of the same activities that you are doing now. This can include a walk after supper, a movie, a book, etc. Most importantly, ensure that it is something that you can continue and that can help them to understand that bedtime is nearing.

Bath tIme

Nothing helps children to relax better than a nice, warm bath. You can still make this fun, so that they do not feel that they are missing out on precious summertime fun. Spoil them with some fun bath bombs or bath fizzies that change the bath color.

Helpful hint! Choose bath bombs that contain lavender. Not only do they turn the bath water a beautiful purple color, but they also help to trigger drowsiness and relaxation. Your little ones will be ready to dream away in no time.

Do household projects

Involve your children in some tasks around the house that signal that school is going to be starting soon. This can begin with shopping for clothes, school supplies or simply de-cluttering what they already have. This way, they can start the school year fresh. When homes and rooms are too cluttered with belongings, it can also clutter your brain and make it difficult to think. Create a household environment that fosters learning and growth. And, of course, involve your kiddies in this, as well.

Well-balanced meals

Most of the time, what you eat on holiday is not always what you'd eat on a regular basis at home. Ensure your children are getting enough fruits and vegetables, as well as proteins. This will ready their brains and their bodies for learning. Not to mention, they will not be craving junk foods that will spike up there sugar levels only to crash later in the day. A well-balanced diet provides consistent energy throughout the day and then, in turn, helps everyone to sleep better at night.

Establish a waKe-Up time

It's easy to get lost in the lazy, summer mornings. But, you don't want your little ones to be thrown for a huge loop when it is time for them to wake up early for school. So, take one for the team and set a reasonable alarm to help them, and you, get ready to get back into the routine of waking up and getting sorted to start your day. It's a small sacrifice that will pay off! I promise!
What helpful tips do you have for our readers that has helped your little ones get back into the school routine after a long holiday? Let us know in our comment section!

Natalie x

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