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5 Types of Mums You'll Meet At Playgroup

August 20th, 2017
5 Types of Mums You'll Meet At Playgroup
My week isn’t complete without a session at my local playgroup. It’s such a nice place to go and get involved in all the activities. Plus, it’s cheap and the kids absolutely love it! My local playgroup always puts on events and is held in a school so I always rest assured everything is safe, the women who run mine give the money they raise to the school so that’s great too!

Going to a playgroup and getting out means I meet so many wonderful people with lots of personalities. As much as I love the women in my local playgroup, I’ve begun to gather a little bit of a trend (after speaking to my other mummy friends!). There are certain types of mum that go to playgroup and you can smell (and see) them from a mile off! Well, not really smell but you get my gist!

The Tired One

All those sleepless nights with your lovely active toddler seem to disappear when you see this poor mum. She’s been up for three nights on the trek with her son and it doesn’t seem like she’s going to be sleeping anytime soon. Although it’s bad to say it, this sleepless mummy makes you feel a lot better about those few hours you were kept up when you were potty training.

It’s best to give this mummy a cup of coffee and tell her that everything will soon get better, be careful though as she may bite!
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The Blogging One

This lovely mum will definitely blog about everything that happens in playgroup, from eating her toast to Julie falling down the stairs. If you’re around her too long you may see her taking sneaky pictures for her Instagram theme. She’ll take it as a personal insult if you don’t read her blog so make sure you’re up to date on her latest posts before the next playgroup. She might even give you a quiz on it!

It’s best to keep this gorgeous lady at arm’s reach and not tell her too many secrets or it may end up in a place you can’t control it…
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The Doctor

Everyone knows one of these mums and there’s not much to say about them except the fact that they think they’re doctors. If your little ones have a sniffle she’ll diagnose them with something totally extreme like chicken pox or when your little one is teething, she’ll be straight on it with the Calpol. It’s all about making sure this mummy doesn’t freak out around your child and you keep her calm. Google definitely hasn’t done her any good.
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The Competitive One

Oh, your baby sleep through the night? Yeah, hers has for 3 months. Your little one has just grown his first tooth? Hers has 4. You see, sometimes people think life is a race or a competition. These people are crazy, you’ve got to make sure you don’t argue with them because no matter what you say, they’ll always have an answer and it will be better. She’s probably a lovely woman, don’t get me wrong. But come on Debra, no one really gives a sh*t.
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The Hippie

She makes amazing gluten free cakes but she can’t half chew your ear off about the benefits of baby led weaning. This mummy is one you will have definitely crossed paths with at some point. She never used a pram in her life and this is probably her first child (let’s face it who cares about that hippie crap when it’s your second). She’ll make sure you feel awful for stuffing your face with ready salted crisps whilst she whips out her carrot sticks.
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Do you know these mummies? Do you have any other types of mummies that you’ll meet at playgroup? Share your stories with us!

Olivia x

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