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Pressure In Your Ears Is Painful, Here's An Effective Quick Fix

August 11th, 2017
Pressure In Your Ears Is Painful, Here's An Effective Quick Fix
Ear pressure is very painful. It can cause headaches, dizziness, nauseousness, and other issues within your sinuses. While there are some over the counter medications that claim to help, they can be somewhat pricey. Here are some ideas on how to relieve ear pressure naturally and start feeling better quicker.

take a drink

I know that sounds simple, but sometimes it really is that simple to relieve that pressure. By taking a drink of something, you are swallowing and pushing that pressure out of your ears. If you have issues with ear pressure, make sure that you always have a bottle of water with you. Whether you are traveling up a mountain or taking flight on an airplane, that bottle of water may just save you a headache... literally!

Similarly, you can prevent the feeling of fullness in your ears while traveling by chewing gum or by sucking on a lolly or a peppermint candy.

Blow Your Nose

Now, don't pretend that you're playing a trumpet, you want to take it easy. If your ears are already experiencing pressure, you could do some damage if you blow your nose too hard. However, slowly blowing out your nose will help to relieve that pressure. As an added bonus, it will clear out your nose, as well!

Also involving your nose, you can also close your nostrils and slowly exhale. This will also relieve the feeling of fullness in your ear.

Warm Washcloth

Another easy way to draw out ear pressure is to place a warm washcloth across your ear and hold it there. Leave this on your ear until you feel that pressure being pulled out of your ear. The heat helps to draw out the pressure and relieve discomfort.


You read that right. An odd but seemingly effective technique that we discovered here (https://youtu.be/FAIIVI89OBc) involves newspaper, tape and a lighter. After making a cone out of the newspaper and securing it with the tape, you can set the open end of the cone on fire and place the narrow end in your ear. The fire is supposed to draw out the pressure from the ear. Of course, be sure to have a bucket of water nearby to ensure that no fire hazards exist and be sure to keep an eye on the flame so that it does not get close to your skin or hair.
While there are many effective at-home remedies to relieve ear pressure, be sure to consult your physician regarding any pain or discomfort that you are experiencing. Continued pain and discomfort could be a sign or symptom of a larger issue and it is important for your physician to be aware of this.
Please be sure to let us know if you have tried any of these techniques and what you thought of them. Do you know of any other ways to relieve ear pressure? Let us know in our comment section!

Natalie x

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