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Five Must Haves for Pregnant Mommies

July 30th, 2017
Five Must Haves for Pregnant Mommies

If you are just recently pregnant, you know that no one loves to give advice to anyone more. Some of it is good, some bad, some crazy--but most likely all unsolicited.

Either way, there are definitely things people tell you that you can completely ignore, but, if you're hoping for a happy, comfortable (as much as it can be) pregnancy, you need to get your hands on ALL of the below.

Body Pillow

I'm not talking about lugging that old mashed up "boyfriend" pillow you used at university. I'm talking about a real, bona fide pregnancy, side sleeping body pillow. There comes a certain time in pregnancy, pretty early on, where you're uncomfortable sleeping in all your normal positions. Then, shortly after that, there are rules about sleeping on certain sides. The body pillow will help solve all these problems. It might make things a bit uncomfortable for your partner, but, who cares! These can be expensive, but a lot of "discount" stores carry them from time to time. A Snoogle is what I used and it was fabulous!

Elderflower Soda

Maybe you've been trying to get pregnant and you aren't surprised at that positive test, but maybe you are. However it happens, you have to stop drinking. This Elderflower & Rose soda by Belvoir Beverages had just enough flavour and taste and bubbles in it that if I put it in a wine glass, it felt a little like indulging in my favourite vino after a long hard day. There are a couple of different flavours and I kept them stocked in the fridge for the whole pregnancy.

Basq Body Boost Stretch Mark Oil in Milk and Honey

Stretch marks are inevitable. You will get them and you'll be itchy as your skin stretches. Your boobs, your belly, maybe your thighs and butt. You are getting bigger, you will continue to get bigger and this little love potion for yourself will make that all the more bearable. My husband used to laugh at me when he'd walk into the loo after I had my shower and I'd be standing there lathering up. I went through bottles and bottles of this stuff. Get yourself some. You won't be upset about it.

Maternity Pants

Any kind. Just get them. I tried for a bit to make my non-maternity pants work to save a pound or two. But, once I committed and bought an expensive pair of maternity jeans, a couple pairs of maternity work pants and leggings and one maternity skirt, I was so much more comfortable--and they mostly fit through the entire pregnancy...up until about the last two months when I topped off the last of the 50 pounds I put on. (Most maternity clothes are made to work for the increase of 10-30 pounds, beyond that, I can attest, they stop fitting).


This may seem lame and you're probably like, "I'm supposed to take belly pics and post to social media about how happy I am to be pregnant and take a babymoon and do a registry, go to showers hosted for me, write thank you notes, pre-plan post-pregnancy meals and more...and you want me to keep a journal too?!" Yep. There is so much going on in life during pregnancy and it's easy to forget about some of the stuff that happens. Even if you're just writing down one or two sentences a day, when you look back, you'll be glad to have it and so will your kids. It's a special time and you don't want to miss out on it because you're so focused on what will happen when the pregnancy is over. The baby is surely the reward but you only get so many chances to experience what the flutter of a first kick feels like.

One to grow on...Patience.

Like I already said, most advice on parenthood is unsolicited, but I feel like if you're reading this, you brought it on yourself.
Have patience. Your body is doing amazing things. Take time to appreciate that and be forgiving to yourself when you can no longer do all you did before you got pregnant. Maybe you're on bed rest or you break your foot because you're fatter than you've ever been and your body is moving weirdly...who cares. Work through it and be patient with yourself. The reward is worth it for sure, but being kind to yourself is a great example to set for your child and it does take practice. Let them hear the kind things you say to yourself during the journey. Let other people do the heavy lifting (literally and figuratively) for a bit.

Abbey x

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