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8 Tips for Raising Readers

July 31st, 2017
8 Tips for Raising Readers
We can all pick up an e-book or read a blog post. We can thumb through a paperback or read a textbook on a screen whenever we have the time. The choices are endless and varied, but the importance of reading will never change. Words are everywhere, on the TV, on signposts, on packaging, labels...in cars, in offices, there's no escape.

Since reading is a skill that is used all our lives, it's great to encourage your child to fall in love with reading at a young age!

Whether you have little ones or reluctant older readers, here are 8 easy ways to promote reading for your child:

1. Read to Your Child Early and Often
Read the signs you see at the market and bus stop. Read board books and picture books.
When he finds a favourite, be ready to read it again…and again. My five-year-old son learned Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit by heart– and by then, I had it memorised, too!

2. Listen, Write and Read
Try this activity with your young child:
Ask her to tell you a short story, a dream or experience she had. Write it down. Then, read it back to her. Several of these stories written in a notebook will one day become a child’s treasured possession.

3. Give Them What They Love
Check out books about your child’s current interests and hobbies. Unicorns? Hairdos?
Spies? Football? Planets? You’ll find something that works at the local library.

4. Rainy Day Reading Party
Got candles, snacks and a stack of books? Rainy days are opportunities for cosy reading in quiet corners so invite a couple of friends and turn it into a reading party.

5. Audiobooks Matter
Audiobooks are perfect for car trips. Allow audiobook time as a reward for completing tasks or good behaviour. Most people love being read to – even as adults.

6. Go Library Hopping
Love your local library, but also visit libraries in surrounding neighbourhoods and towns. Every library has its own personality and supply of unique books, activities and fun reading spaces. If you haven't joined already, it's a good idea to get a library card. As well as being able to pick up free books whenever you want, there are usually lots of activities for children in libraries.

7. Be a Reader Too
Don’t stop reading for fun just because you’re an adult. Find time to enjoy reading, and your kids may copy your great habit.

8. Fill Their World With Books
Stock a bedroom shelf with books he or she loves. Find books at discount stores. Add books from your childhood and a few non-fiction titles. Include a thrilling new series for him to devour. Make reading accessible and unavoidable.

Let’s wrap it up with a few awesome quotes about reading. Please add your favourite quote or comments below!

• "Once you learn to read, you will be forever free." –Frederick Douglass
• "Reading is a discount ticket to everywhere." – Mary Schmich
• "Reading is a uniquely portable magic." – Stephen King
• "Today a reader, tomorrow a leader." – Margaret Fuller

Lisa x

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