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What To Expect When You Are Expecting

July 30th, 2017
What To Expect When You Are Expecting
Possibly the scariest, exciting and thought-provoking time of someone's life is when they learn that they are pregnant. It's a trip into the unknown, and when you don't know what's coming, it is hard to feel confident. We've got some great some tips on what to expect in your coming months (and years).

Being pregnant is not easy. First-time mums will likely experience worry, anxiety, excitement, frustration and fear... all in the span of five minutes! Hopefully, some of this information will put your mind at ease and help you to feel more ready for this new chapter in your life.

People will want to touch you

Get ready for it. Everyone from your grandmother to a stranger in the supermarket will feel that they have the right to touch your stomach because there is a baby in there. If you do not feel comfortable with this, be sure to speak up. Let them know that you are not OK with them touching you and, just because you have a baby in your tummy, does not make you public property for their entertainment. Feel free to say, "No!"

Everyone wants to give you advice

It seems like everyone, even people who don't have children, have an opinion about parenting. You will hear it all from breastfeeding to co-sleeping to SIDS. Of course, be as polite as possible, but remember that you will be the person caring for this child, not the entire universe. Take in as much information as you see fit and utilise your knowledge and gathered information to make the best decision for YOUR child. For some reason, our society has made it appropriate for complete strangers to comment and criticise parents for the way they take care of their children. Of course, if someone is abusing or neglecting their child, there is almost a societal obligation to step-in. However, do we need to call the police because one parent allows their child to consume Red Dye 40 and McDonald's? No, no, we don't!

You will feel like you've been hit by a car

It is funny. People are very concerned about your well-being while you are pregnant. "How are you feeling? Do you need anything? Have you drunk enough?" But, it seems as though the moment this baby is born, people will forget that your body has been through a traumatic experience. Your entire family will want to visit with the baby while you are recovering. You will literally feel as though you have been run over by a car. You will want to keep going, not offend anyone, but also it is important to think of your own health and well-being. You need to be healthy to take care of this new life that you have created. Set boundaries with your visitors. If you do not feel well, be sure to speak up and say something. They will care and respect your wishes, it is just easy to get distracted with a cute baby in the room.

It will feel like you will never sleep again

But, you will... promise! Newborns are awake every two to three hours to eat and this is entirely normal, their bodies cannot go for long periods without food. It will seem like an endless cycle. Your days will run into weeks and months. Before you know it, your baby will be three months old and you will feel as though you've sleepwalked through most of it... because you probably have. BUT, most importantly, this pattern will get better. Your body does amazing things and somehow, on 2-3 hours of sleep each night, you will be able to completely function and care for your newborn. Enjoy the extra snuggles in the wee hours of the morning. Time does fly and this chapter will feel like a sleep-deprived blur.

The books will not teach you as much as your baby will

Of course, it is important to learn the basics of caring for a baby: change the nappy when the baby has soiled it, feed the baby when it cries, rock the baby to sleep when it is tired, etc. However, most of your parenting skills will be developed through experience. A book will not be able to tell a personal preference of your child. A book will not be able to help you know if your child prefers to be rocked, bounced or simply laid down to sleep. A book will not tell you which position your newborn likes best in your arms. These are all things that you will learn by experience. So, do not feel anxious about not knowing everything about babies before yours arrives. You will learn more from your child every single day than you possibly can read in a book.

You will feel love like never before

You may feel that you know what love is. Maybe you have a significant other that you love dearly. That love simply cannot compare to the undying and unconditional love that you will feel for your baby the moment that you lay eyes on them. Then, that love will increase every single day. Some days, it will feel as though your heart is just going to jump out of your chest because it's so full of love for this squishy little human that you have created.
So, come to terms with the fact that you will not know everything before the baby arrives. However, we hope this article has put some of your worries at bay. What are some of your biggest worries? What do you wish you knew before you had your child?

Natalie x

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