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The 4 Most Bizarre Weight Loss Programs Ever Created!

July 20th, 2017
The 4 Most Bizarre Weight Loss Programs Ever Created!
It seems that one of the quickest ways to make a quick fortune is by inventing a fad diet, (no matter how absurd), for some desperate individual to try (and aren't we all desperate). Write a book, make a video, create a special weight-loss cookie and you’re ready to be the next Atkins.

It’s quite amazing how we would never purposefully drink slow acting poison but we discount the negative effects of weight loss fads in the attempt to lose an inch or 2. We’ve heard of some crazy diets, but the below 4 have given ‘crazy’ a new meaning.

1. The Charcoal Cleanse

The Charcoal Cleanse (or shall we call it black magic) involves drinking juice which contains activated charcoal in addition to your regular diet. The idea is that the charcoal cannot be absorbed in your body and therefore passes through your digestive system untouched, removing with it other unhealthy, processed foods.

Surely if it removes toxins, it removes the good nutrients and bacteria as well. Your body is designed to get rid of unwanted toxins, and that is exactly why it gets rid of the charcoal – it is an indigestible substance invading your body. In my opinion, you can just as well roll your barbecue chicken in the charcoal ashes and have it for lunch expecting the weight to drop off. Absurd? Definitely.

2. The Vision Diet

On the Vision Diet, you only eat while wearing blue-tinted glasses. The idea is that the blue tint makes food seem less appealing as its crispy golden brown appearance (biscuits, fries, pies) turns an odd shade of blue and in turn you eat less.

I have not tried this ‘diet’ but I doubt my taste buds will be fooled by the slight blue tint of my cupcake or that it will have any effect on the number of sugars I add to my blue Latte. You may not be thinner but on the upside, you may look like a rock-star with your retro blue shades.

3. The Ice Diet

The idea here is that your body will expend extra calories keeping warm as you eat a litre of ice every day by letting it melt in your mouth. I don’t see how four extra glasses of water could do any harm except that in its frozen form you may feel a little cold and those with sensitive teeth may find this a painstaking task. Fancy a cup of hot chocolate to warm up?

4. Cotton Ball Diet

In following this diet you dip five cotton balls in orange juice and enjoy in one sitting. If cotton balls aren’t quite to your taste you can substitute it for tissue paper. Fill your stomach without the accompanying calories. I’m not quite sure how your stomach will handle this fad, but if your new diet tastes like you’re eating cardboard, it probably is because you pretty much are.
To those in search of a weight loss quick fix, there is none. I really am sorry to be the bearer of bad news. There is, however, great-tasting, wholesome and healthy food out there that is nutritious and will enhance your weight loss goals without causing detriment to this one magnificent body you have. Choose wisely, but most importantly, love yourself!

Helga x

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