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Top Baby Products that Parents Class as a Massive Waste of Money

July 19th, 2017
Top Baby Products that Parents Class as a Massive Waste of Money
As a parent, there are so many things you’re told to buy by different people through your whole pregnancy. Nothing is simple these days, especially having a baby and providing for it. The number of products and toys new parents get told to buy ready for their baby whilst they’re pregnant is unreal!

Most of the products are sold because marketing companies certainly want to capture you as a customer (as well as grow their sales) and they think they can persuade you that you need that product! The truth is, you’re better off without these baby gadgets and just better off getting the basics. You can buy other products later if you really need them. Parents year after year, take surveys and so much data is collected about the things we just don’t need. These are things that in normal, everyday life we wouldn’t dream of buying but because at that point in your life (whilst you’re having a baby) you feel like you have no idea what you’re doing, you just seem to panic buy everything!

Nappy bins

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Why do we feel the need to buy bins that are especially for nappies? A normal bin in your babies’ room will do just fine. All this high-tech motion censored bins just aren’t what you need on top of your baby stress. Go to Ikea and buy a plastic bin for 99p, you’re sorted, if the smell bothers you then invest in some nappy bags! You’ll save yourself £20 to £40 if you don’t buy it too.

Bathtub thermometer

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New parents are always on edge with the health and safety of their baby - understandable. However, we can all tell when a bath is too hot, these thermometers are a total waste of money! Just put your elbow in the water when the bath is partially full and if it seems just warm (and no warmer than that, it will probably seem a little cold on your elbow) it will be warm enough.

Baby reins

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This is more of an unnecessary toddler item, as it’s a well-known fact that little ones will want to get away. Your answer isn’t to let them be a dog on a lead but let them have enough freedom to stroll about on their own (when it’s safe) and use a pram or buggy other times. Baby reins are so restricting and can cause your little one to be really stressed if they don’t like them being on and they can also cause them to fall over.

Fabric slings

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We’ve all invested in a fabric sling before, it’s just something you’re told to get if you want to be a hip, cool mum who walks around with her baby in a sling around her neck. Well, it’s fine until your back and neck start to ache, you’re half way round a park and you’ve got nothing else to carry your baby in. It’s probably best to get yourself a proper baby carrier, it might cost a little more to start with but it won’t break as easily and its better value!
Have you bought any baby products that was a complete waste of time? We'd love to know what it was!

Olivia x

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