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5 Easy Tricks for Little Magicians

July 20th, 2017
5 Easy Tricks for Little Magicians
Kids are pleased when they can surprise people --especially adults! Here are five easy tricks that little people can practice and perform, using handy household items.

Parents, take a few minutes to watch the show! A surprised "How did you do that?" will thrill any miniature magician.

First, don’t forget two important laws of magic:

• Practice makes perfect.
• A magician never reveals the secret of his or her trick!

1. Rising Arm Trick

Ask a friend to stand in a doorway and place a hand on either side and push hard. Then she should say, "You will now step away from the wall and I will magically lift your arms using my mind." The arms will amazingly rise after the child steps away from the doorway, releasing the pressure.

2. Spoon Bending Trick

Grab a spoon and hold it with both hands closed around the handle. Place the bowl of the spoon, open side up, on the table. As you begin to press down on the spoon, allow the handle to slide along the inside of your hand until it reaches the bottom of your palm. This makes it look like the spoon is bending from a spectator’s point of view, even though you are not bending it at all. Your other hand (which appears to be gripping the spoon) is hiding the spoon handle sliding in your first hand.

3. The Climbing Ring Trick

Cut a rubber band in half, so it is a single, long string. Ask someone in the crowd for any sort of ring. Thread the rubber band through the ring and grab the ends of the rubber band with both hands, holding out the rubber band (loosely, not stretched out.) Now grab the rubber band with the index finger in the middle of the band. Stretch it out as you appear to grab the ends with the thumb. The rubber band will be stretched out, but appear normal to the audience. It's your turn to say, "Now I will move the ring with my mind," as you let go of the rubber band slowly. The weight of the ring will hold it in place as the rubber band contracts, but it will appear to climb as the rubber band slackens.

4. Ready-Cut Banana Trick

(Practice with a few bananas before doing this trick!) Using a needle and thread, push the needle through one flat side of a big banana. Pull the needle out, leaving the thread under the skin. Push the needle back through the same hole and under the next flat side. Keep going all the way around. When you reach the first hole, pull the two ends of the thread. This will cut the banana inside the skin. Next, hold up this ordinary-looking banana to your audience and say, "I will say the magic word and the banana will already be sliced when I open it up."

5. Detective Coin Trick

Place three identical bottle tops down on a table. Give someone a small coin and ask them to hide it under one top while you look the other way. When the coin has been hidden, stare very hard at each top. Then pick up the one hiding the coin. You will never be wrong if you know the secret: before you do this trick, pull one hair from your head. Glue about 3 cm. of it to a coin. When the coin is under a bottle top, look for the hair sticking out under it.

Lisa x

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