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5 Pound-Store Parenting Hacks

July 19th, 2017
5 Pound-Store Parenting Hacks
We all love a good bargain. The only thing I love better than a good bargain is a bargain that literally costs £1! And the only thing better than a £1 bargain? A £1 bargain that makes life easier for us parents.

So here is my list of top 5-pound shop hacks to make life just that little bit more simple.

1. Toss it or tidy it tubs. On my staircase, we each have our own Toss or Tidy Tubs. As I go about my day I chuck anything left laying around into the correct tub and then at the end of the day when we get ready for bed (myself and hubby included) we each either tidy the items back into their correct places or I get to throw them out. At £1 a basket, in a range of colours, you can't beat them!

2. Where's my??? Baskets. Similar to the Toss it or Tidy tubs, I get these to keep things a bit more organised and avoid that last-second-as-we-leave-the-house-and-are-already-running-late-"but I can't find my...." type arguments. I got hubby to mount these on the wall right by the front door and we each have one. They're ideal for tossing in keys, wallets and sunglasses etc for us grown ups, or sun hats, favourite toys etc for the little ones. The key to their success is they're small...as soon as I sense they are starting to overflow, I dump the contents into Toss of Tidy tubs (see number1)

3. Drink dispensers. I absolutely love these pound shop drink dispensers. I can't count how many times a day my son asks me for a drink (he genuinely couldn't pour his own as the juice bottle is a massive 2-litre job), but these are a game changer. I make up a juice and a milk into these and store in the fridge. They're plastic so if he does pull it over we don't have to worry about smashes, but really easy to operate so he can help himself. Plus as his recent birthday party, they were a huge hit when I put out one filled with orange and one with blackcurrant and his mates took to mixing their own cocktails!

4. Car bin. My car is not so much a car as a second home. It baffles me how it seems to collect so much stuff, nappies, wet wipes, muslin cloths, toys, juice bottles, socks (always odd socks?). I do manage however to keep rubbish all in one place with the help of a pound store cereal dispenser. Line with a carrier bag and tuck down the side of the floor you can finally keep the car from looking like a rubbish dump. The dispensing hole is usually perfect size for little hands to post in their rubbish but fortunately small enough to avoid spills if kicked over.

5. Keeping with the car theme, pound store kitchen caddies are ideal for wedging in the middle of the back seat and filling with journey essentials to keep you organised. Snack, toy, wet wipes etc. Much better than having them all roll around the floor.

There are loads more pound store hacks I could share with you (honestly I should have shares in the place or at least frequent flier air miles!)

Comment below with your own tips or if you'd like to see more pound store hacks at Proudmummy.
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Hayley x

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