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You Can't Have Half a Baby

June 27th, 2017
You Can't Have Half a Baby
Before I got pregnant the first time (literally the first "time"), I spent about a year coming off birth control and getting into the best shape I could. I'd read that the body would be optimally primed for a second baby eighteen months after the first was conceived. Being one of two myself, my family plan always included two babies.

The thing about becoming a parent though, when you're part of a couple, is that it's not just about your plan. My husband is an only child and for the most part, was on my page. But then I birthed a perfect baby boy. Now he's two and it seems that me and the hubs are on different pages. I love my son--he literally IS perfect and everything I ever hoped for in a child--but, for me, I always wanted that second child.

It’s a quandary because you can't compromise on childbirth. You can't have half a kid. I'm pretty sure that's where the phrase "pregnant with the problem" came from.

So, what now?

I thought a good compromise would be for me to go off birth control and just "see" if we got pregnant, but my hubs is smarter than that (see "pregnant the very first time" as mentioned above). We've had the I Do-I Don't conversation but agreed to keep it (a new baby) on the table and open for conversation until one or both of us is too crusty to actually make it happen.

If you searched "How to Convince My Husband to Have Another Baby" and found your way here, I'm sorry. That is what this article is about, but it may not be quite what you're looking for. If you've read this far, hopefully, you’ll finish the rest, commiserate a bit, and, if you chuckle--good. Maybe you'll even laugh...if we don't have humour, what do we have?

What follows is a list of five things that have not yet worked for me in helping to convince my husband to have another baby.

1. Crying…a little or a lot...whenever you hold a baby, see a baby, watch a sappy commercial with a baby in it, or when you find out anyone else you know is pregnant.

2. Getting the family (and everyone else) involved...my mother-in-law, his mother-in-law, friends, anyone with more than one kid, strangers in supermarkets.

3. Getting the original baby (now a toddler) involved...training him to say, "Me and mommy want a pink baby!" on cue or anytime he sees a baby, real or fake. Or when you say, "Honey, tell Daddy what we want!"

4. Talking about it over dinner and employing any of the above techniques while the original baby is throwing spaghetti at the dog and telling you that he has to poo.

5. Texting pictures of the original baby as a tiny infant to him to remind him how little and cute he was. Also, sorting through baby clothes in front of him and periodically holding up tiny outfits and saying, "Aw, remember…"

Consequently, reading my husband this blog before posting also DID NOT convince him to have another baby with me even though it's incredibly witty and funny.

Maybe this is not helpful, but if these sound like things you've done or are currently doing, you're not alone. God-speed sister...here’s hoping they come around. Of course, if you've read this and you were in the same situation and now you're happily cradling baby number two - how the hell did you convince your other half? Please! Tell me!

Abbey x

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