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Value Storage & Stationery from Tesco

September 20th, 2021
Value Storage & Stationery from Tesco
Whether you work from home or your kids have just returned back to school or university, Tesco have a wonderful array of storage options and value stationery to get you organised and back in the swing of things. From boxed and baskets, to pens and post it notes they have it all at really affordable prices both instore and online.



here's some of our top picks:

These letter storage baskets are so nice and you can purchase all of the different alphabet, we love the colour of them!
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Letter Storage Baskets £8 each View & Buy

Loads of cute baskets for shelves or under the bed, especially in teenagers rooms to keep all of their hair tools or spare blankets neat and out of sight.
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Hyacinth Basket £6 View & Buy

Pink Plastic Baskets £5 or £3 with a clubcard View & Buy

Small Grey Linen Basket £5 View & Buy

Large Grey Storage Baskets £5.50 or £2.75 with clubcard

View & Buy

WOW we do love the idea of writing all of our notes in these cute pastel coloured ball point pens, such pretty colours!
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Rainbow Pens Packs £1.25 View & Buy

who else remembers having a furry pencil case when you were little? they have made a huge comeback!

There is a whole collection of cute stationery for little ones including shaped post it note and cute notebooks for all of their homework.
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Fluffy Dog Pencil Cases £5 View & Buy

Shaped Sticky Notes £1.50 View & Buy

Spiral Notepads in various colors £1.75 View & Buy

Coloured Rainbow Gel Pens £5 View & Buy

Angey x

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