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Gender Reveal Ideas

May 28th, 2021
Gender Reveal Ideas
From the moment you announce your pregnancy, family members and friends will happily start predicting what sex your baby will be! For many pregnant parents, the curiosity about the sex of their baby is strong and they are so excited they just can’t wait until their baby’s birth to know! There are several scientific ways to determine a baby’s sex and these are definitely more accurate, but they are not as much fun as all the old wives’ tales!

Ultrasound scanning

Most mums-to-be have a couple of ultrasounds done during their pregnancy and it is the second one, that is performed at 20 -22 weeks that can give an indication of the baby’s sex – but this depends on the skill and experience of the technician performing the scan. Having said that, sometimes, the baby is so clearly a boy, there is no doubt! Sometimes three straight lines can be clearly seen between the baby’s legs and these indicate a girl.

The Nub Theory can also be used during an ultrasound and is estimated to be 90% accurate. All babies have genital tubercle – or a ‘nub’ between their legs from 11-14 weeks onwards. This theory examines the angle of the nub in relation to the baby’s spine. If the nub is at less than 30º it is a girl and if the angle is greater than 30º it is a boy.
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Genetic blood testing

This test is very popular in the United States, but not other countries. The test is actually 91-99% accurate and detects fetal DNA in the mum’s blood from eight weeks. The test is actually looking for the ‘Y’ male chromosome. The test is more accurate when this is detected, but sometimes, there is simply no ‘Y’ chromosome in the blood sample taken and thus, the result is an inaccurate.


This highly skilled test is used to detect chromosomal abnormalities in the developing baby and is performed at about 17 weeks pregnancy. A needle is inserted in the uterus and some fluid surrounding the baby (amniotic fluid) is collected. The fluid is the cultured to detect the presence of any abnormalities and of course, it indicates the sex of the baby. This test is not performed unless it is medically essential as it does carry a risk of miscarriage.

How does your bump look?

If your bump is high, many would predict that you are carrying a girl, whilst a low bump means that it is more likely to be a boy. Look at yourself in the mirror, what shape is your bump? If you have a round bump, ‘all at the front’ and shaped like a large ball, you could well be carrying a boy, but if your bump is more widely spread across your body, many would bet that you are expecting a girl.
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The wedding ring test!

This test has been used for centuries to help predict the sex of an unborn baby. To perform this test, slip your wedding ring onto a piece of string. Lie on your back and suspend the string above your ‘baby bump’. What movement can you see? If the ring starts to move in a circular motion, you are carrying a baby girl, but if it starts to swing like a pendulum your baby is probably a boy.

Is your morning sickness bad?

For generations, it has been believed that you can predict the sex of a baby in the mother’s first trimester of pregnancy. If you are suffering from bad nausea, this is said to indicate a girl, but feeling great with no nausea means you could be welcoming a son!

Do you have any food cravings?

It is certainly well known that pregnant women often have the most bizarre food cravings from chewing pieces of coal to strange food combos. The ‘rule of thumb’ is wanting to eat sweet things means that you are carrying a girl, whereas if salty, savoury foods appeal more, you are carrying a boy.
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Make your own gender test!

All you need for this test is some baking soda (bicarbonate of soda). This test is said to be 80% accurate, so it is fun to have a go! Put two tablespoons of baking soda in a sterilised jar and mix it with approximately double the amount of your urine (The best urine is the first sample in the morning). If this solution becomes fizzy you are expecting a boy, but, if the liquid remains still and flat you are expecting a girl.

Use the Chinese Gender Chart.

This clever chart is surprisingly accurate. It was first designed more than 800 years ago and was discovered in a royal tomb. It is based on your age at the time of your baby’s conception.
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This copy of the chart is from mybabysheartbeatbear.com

Make some calculations!

Another popular way used in the Far East to predict your baby’s sex is to look at the year you conceived and your age when you conceived. If both numbers are odd or even, you are carrying a girl, but if one number is odd and the other is even, you have a boy onboard!
Whilst Gender Reveal Parties are currently trending in the United States, many would say that it is like opening your presents before Christmas! The most important consideration of all is your baby’s health and that their arrival into the world is every bit as special as you dreamed it would be….

As my granny used to sing whenever there was a pregnancy in the family-
‘Ten little fingers, ten little toes, two beady eyes and one button nose, boy or a girl, no-one knows'!

Chrissie x

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