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Battling the bulge - MUM TUM DILEMMA!

May 10th, 2021
Battling the bulge - MUM TUM DILEMMA!
I vividly remember a day after my beautiful baby had been delivered (plus a sizable afterbirth) asking the nurse if I could use the scales – definitely not a sensible idea! I jumped on the scales feeling so slim and smug and then the whole ward heard my scream! My weight loss had been negligible - plus I definitely had more wobbly bits than a jelly! I pledged there and then action for battling the bulge.

In reality, when you get home you are tired and any thoughts about being a ‘mum tum warrior’ fly out the window as you juggle the needs of your baby with family meals and housework. It is definitely the time not to be proud and to accept all help, because it makes a huge difference.

It usually takes 6-8 weeks for a new mum to recover from the birth (this time is known as postpartum/postnatal), but it can take much longer – especially if you had a Cesarean delivery. Before you start exercising, it is a good idea to check with your healthcare professional. The average weight gain in pregnancy is 11-16 kg, but nearly half of women gain more than this during their pregnancy, 75% are still heavier a year after their baby’s birth, than they were before they became pregnant.
It is best not to launch yourself into a stringent exercise programme because you may well not be up to it physically. Far better to start with some low impact exercise (once you have been given the ‘green light’) and build up slowly but surely from there.
The bottom line is that it is going to take time to shed extra weight and get rid of your mum tum, but these tips will help.

Eat healthily by cutting the carbs, reducing sugar, avoiding processed foods and drinking water, rather than drinks high in calories. If you feel hungry in between meals, make sure you have a good supply of healthy snacks including fruit and nuts.

Try not to get too tired – easier said than done I know, but when you are tired you will find yourself craving sugary foods which will not help your healthy eating regime.

Breast feed for the first six months because this helps support weight loss as it burns 500-600 calories each day.

Don’t go on a diet - especially if you are breastfeeding as this will impact your baby as your milk could become weak. Even if you are not breastfeeding, you need stamina as a new mum, far better just to eat healthily.

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Start walking straight away. Your baby will appreciate outings in their pram or stroller. You can make it a social event and meet up regularly with other new mums.

Once you have the ‘green light’ from your healthcare professional to start exercising, you can start running, jogging or cycling. Joining an aerobics, Zumba, Pilates or swimming group is good for toning your body and also for making new friends.

A fun way to enjoy jogging is with your buggy or pram! There are some great ones at Amazon > Click Here to Buy

If you are feeling up to it, trying doing regular squats and lunges.

The easiest way to try and get trim is to exercise regularly and you can do this by reserving a little ‘me time’ each day when your baby takes a nap. Use this time to do a mini workout. If you need some guidance on exercises that will help flatten your tum, you will find plenty on YouTube for postpartum mums as well as a variety of websites and Apps for your mobile. This is an example of a Level Once Post Pregnancy Workout > Click Here to Buy
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