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Being Charitable Doesn’t Need To Cost A Lot... Here Are Some Ideas

November 26th, 2017
Being Charitable Doesn’t Need To Cost A Lot... Here Are Some Ideas
‘Tis the season to think of others. It seems that everyone knows someone that is in need and as big as our hearts can get, it can put us in a pretty deep hole if we give to every cause that we wished. It is important to give what you can, but plenty of people have very little to spare and also wish to give. Let’s look at some ideas on how to give to those in need without putting yourself out of house and home.

Save change

Especially this time of year, we are doing lots of shopping. Pay cash for your gifts that you purchase and save the change you get from each purchase. Put the change separate and donate it to a charitable cause of your choice.

Buy extra

As you are shopping for your holiday dinners, grab a few extra items off of the shelves. It may cost you only £3 extra, but turning around and donating that food to a family in need will mean the world to them.

CharIty shop

Get the most out of your money buy shopping at the charity shops. You will find such good bargains and often times, great items in perfect condition. By shopping frugally, you will be able to purchase (and to give) more.

Involve the kids

Help your children to get involved and to help families in need by having them select toys that they no longer play with or that they have outgrown. They can put them into boxes or bags. My kids put together toys to send back up to the North Pole for them to be regifted to other kids who will play with them!
The most important part of the holiday season is taking care of your fellow mankind and the desire to give. As many people will tell you, it is not what you give or how much you give that is important. It is what is in your heart to give that is worth its weight in gold. Happy holidays!!
What are some of your favorite ways to be charitable?

Natalie x

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