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5 Ways to Save on Holiday Meals

November 26th, 2017
5 Ways to Save on Holiday Meals
Feeding the whole family (plus some) over the festive season can become an incredibly costly feat. Not only have the mouths to feed doubled, but so has the cost of groceries. Here are 5 super saving tips to help you get through the festive season with a little cash to spare.

1. Plan Ahead

Where possible do your planning and shopping ahead of time before prices sky-rocket and you end up paying double the usual for your grocery items. This will also help you get some good deals on sale items before they are all sold out and you are left with few choices. Planning ahead will assist in budgeting for your extra expenses over the festive season, leaving little room for nasty money-crunching surprises.

2. Make it a bring-and-share

It is the season of giving after all. Let everyone pitch in for festive meals and assign each with a specific course to prepare and bring along. This way everyone gets to share their favourite dishes, and also contribute in a small way without piling the burden onto one person. This also makes it easier to cater for allergies and picky eaters.


Bring your own booze. Drinks can add up in no time and take most of your holiday savings with it. Ask each person to bring a bottle of wine or their own drinks to their taste, this will definitely be a budget saver.
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4. Use your pantry staples

Before heading out to the store with a grocery list the size of Santas delivery to-do’s, check what you already have on hand. Using what is already in your pantry could cut your costs by as much as half. Make a list only of what is outstanding for your planned menu, and stick to it when you get to the check-out.

5. Re-invent left-overs

This must be my favourite tip of all. It gives you the chance to enjoy your favourite foods all over again or to be creative and turn them into something even more exciting. Use leftover chicken or turkey in pies and quiches, fruits can be baked into a pudding or enclosed in some crispy pastry for a tart. Vegetables can be used for soup, vegetable bake or pasta meals. There is so much you can do with left-overs, it’s almost more exciting than the origional.

There is no better time to be creative with your meals so be sure to enjoy the planning, the festivities, and some good food! Bon Appétit!

What are your favourite budget-friendly festive meals?

Helga x

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