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Five Christmas Traditions You Should Start This Year

November 20th, 2017
Five Christmas Traditions You Should Start This Year
Every Christmas Eve, once the kiddiwinks are in bed, hubby and I set ourselves up at the Kitchen table with a glass of wine, a Christmas film and a mountain of veg to prepare. It used to be a dreaded task, but now it’s become our own little tradition and we quite enjoy this peaceful pre-Xmas-mayhem time to relax together.

Many of us have adopted our own little traditions over the years and the following are five that, if you don’t already do, you should start doing this holiday!

Late night drive

Get the kids in their PJs, strap them in the car and snuggle them under some blankets. Arm yourself with a flask of hot chocolate/warm milk and preferably some freshly baked, still warm from the oven cookies, and go for a late night drive, checking out the Christmas lights in your local area.
With any luck the kids will be spark out by the time you get back and you’ll be able to start wrapping up the pressies!
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The great cookie bake off

It’s always nice to do something for the community at Christmas and whether or not carolling is your cup of tea, a cookie drive can be a great way to share some festive magic. It doesn’t have to be cookies, or indeed they don’t have to be a Bake Off Showstopper, but cooking a little batch of sweet treats and then sharing getting the kids to share them out round the neighbours is a great way to make Christmas the season of good will for all.
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Sew a sack

I love this idea shared on TheImaginationTree.com. Buy yourselves a plain sack for the children’s Christmas presents. Then each year select one special keepsake or momento of that year to sew onto it. For example an achievement badge or something representing a family holiday that year.
How sweet to look back over the years memories each season?
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Family photo

Make an effort to get a really nice family photograph each Christmas. Stick on your best Christmas jumpers (Friday 15th is this years xmas jumper day! Click Here to Buy), set yourselves a nice backdrop and snap yourselves a fab holiday card worthy picture.
Check out our Pinterest holiday card Fails article for how not to do it!
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Christmas film

Whether you introduce a new classic each year or watch the same film every time, snuggling together as a family to watch a Christmas film is just the best. I recommend, cushions on the floor, duvets, blankets, PJs and a tub of Celebrations...
Check out our top five Christmas films article for movie inspiration!
What’s your favourite festive tradition? Share it below x

Hayley x

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