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Holiday Card Pinterest Fails You Don’t Want To Miss!

November 16th, 2017
Holiday Card Pinterest Fails You Don’t Want To Miss!
Ah, it’s that time of year again. As festive preparations get underway and all to soon Christmas cards are piling through the letter box.
How we love that picture perfect holiday card of your sister-in-laws kids, looking angelic, perfectly polished and clearly completely photoshopped!
Below lies the reality of Christmas photo shoots and it’s not all smiles and tinsel...

CUrse of the fairy lights

Ah, check out the two cuties in the original. Happily sat amidst the lights, smiling serenely and seemingly quite oblivious to the strange fashion choice that requires them to wear thick woolly hats whilst clad in nothing more than a nappy. Yet our first fail looks just seconds away from a trip to A&E to find out where that missing fairy light bulb got lodged....
Proud Mummy Blog Image 3

Return of the fairy lights

This kid looks like me when I realise all the Malteasers have been eaten from the Celebrations!
Proud Mummy Blog Image 6

Fairy lights strike back..

I’m a baby...get me out of hereeeeeeeeee
Proud Mummy Blog Image 9

Baubles to that!

Shimmering baubles, soft focus lighting, happy child...nothing like the epic fail below then!
Proud Mummy Blog Image 12

A cute little stocking filler?

These adorable stocking shoot wasn’t quite replicated here, in fact anailated might be more accurate.
Proud Mummy Blog Image 15

Cute stocking filler part two

Yep, still not really happening is it? Although he is rocking an impressive Mohawk!
Proud Mummy Blog Image 18
Have you tried and failed at your own holiday card photo shoot? We’d love you to share them with us. Comment below x

Hayley x

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