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5 Things To Do Everyday - Even When You're Busy

October 18th, 2017
5 Things To Do Everyday - Even When You're Busy
We're all so busy nowadays, it can be overwhelming to try and keep on top of everything. Here is a quick list of five must do daily tasks, that you should do even if you're stressed out: trust us, it'll be worth it!

Make the bed

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This is one that I write with the upmost reluctance. I've never been fussed about 'making the bed' and for years my mum has insisted it should be the first thing on my daily agenda, but I just couldn't fathom it (couldn't be bothered if I'm honest!)

What's the point in spending a precious five minutes of my time making the bed when my morning is so stressful and hectic already? I'm only going to mess it up again that night and I'm perfectly capable of pulling the covers straight as I fall, exhausted into bed at the end of another busy day.
But lately I've given in...and I've got to say I'm hooked.

There's something about a tidy bed that makes the whole bedroom look neater (even if it isn't). Plus coming to bed and seeing there, all inviting and tidy, enticing you with its neatly laid duvet and sense of achievement: "well I forgot to put butter, burnt my shirt whilst ironing, packed the wrong sandwich in my kid's lunchbox, buy hey, at least the bed's made!" that helps you relax ready for a restful night.

Do one house task

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Housework deserves its own specific article, it's such an arduous task. However for the purpose of our five daily dos, select just one chore that you can do from start to finish.
For example washing. If you put a wash on in the morning, make sure you fold, iron (where necessary) and put it away the same day. If not you'll end up with mountains of washing to put away and more laundry to do by the time you start folding it!
If you are tidying a room, I prefer to do one room completely. For example rather than hoover the whole house, I'll do a complete clean of the living room. That way at least one room looks lovely and tidy, whereas if I hoover everywhere but leave the dusting till the next day, by the time I get round to it, the room needs hoovering again and no where ever quite looks tidy!

Look fab

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Whatever your style, whatever your beauty routine, do something each day that has you leaving the house feeling that little bit fabulous.
Be it taking time to style your hair, wearing a stunning outfit or taking a bit extra time on your make up.
There's no doubt about it. When I leave the house in joggers and my old bobbly jumper, with my hair pulled back in a 'haven't washed it' pony tail and no make up, my day will inevitably turn out as rubbish as I look. Feel good, do good!


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God it's annoying isn't it? Exercise seemed to crop up in all of these 'must do' style lists. But that must mean there's something to it though.
Finding time your exercise is so important, not just for your physical well bring but also your mental health. If you are stressed a quick jog, a ten minute yoga session or a half hour of swimming will work wonders for easing off that tension.


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This could either be the first thing you do in the morning or the last thing you do at night (I prefer at night because I can sleep easier knowing I've jotted down all the things I'm going to worry about the next day!)
Get in the habit if writing down a To Do list. You can go modern tech and type it on your phone, or dictate to Siri, Alexa or any other device that will listen (the coffee machine perhaps) or jot it down with pen and paper. Just make sure you are reasonable in your requests and give yourself no more than five or six tasks to achieve.
Then feel the stress melt away as you tick each task off!
Anything you would add to this list? Have you tried our top five? Let us know how you get on in the comments below.

Hayley x

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