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Want To Make Some Extra Cash? Here's How!

October 8th, 2017
Want To Make Some Extra Cash? Here's How!
One of the best days of the month (or if you’re lucky enough every two weeks) is payday, yet money these days seems to go nowhere and that’s one of the saddest things. I hate having money for a week or two and then the next 2 weeks or so I’m wondering why I ever spent £30 on a takeaway whilst watching X Factor last Saturday. But I guess that’s life, right? I mean, I wouldn’t change ordering a Chinese for the world I just wish it didn’t cost as much as it does or that I get paid more but in reality, I just need some extra cash.

Who says we should have to give up our takeaways and treats just because we don’t earn millions a year? I say we just spend a little time doing some other things and making money in other ways, legal ways of course.

Having some extra cash and income means the luxuries of life will go up. You won’t feel bad for ordering your family of 7 a takeaway that costs £60 and you’ll be able to treat them to some new trainers or clothes every now and again without breaking the bank.
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Car boot sales

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I don’t half store some absolute sh*t in my house, and despite telling my husband every day that I hate the endless amounts of unused toys and other bits, neither of us do anything about it. You know what they say though, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and rightly so where car boot sales are concerned.

If you really search your house high and low to find things you can sell. You might not make a lot of it but if you’ve got a decent amount of things to sell you could leave with an extra £50 that you didn’t have before, and you’ve cleared your house full of all the junk you don’t want. Only do this if you’re a good salesperson though if you’re going to outright explain what a piece of cr*p your daughter’s baby Annabelle is to a potential customer then you’re not going to sell her for that huge £3 you wanted, are you? Be strategic too, put prices on things but be willing to barter with customers.

Turn your hobby into a business

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These days so many people have Facebook pages, Etsy stores and eBay accounts which they sell their things on. Whether you handmake things or you’re more of a buy in bulk then sell on, a simple solution to getting some extra cash could be to start selling things you make on a site like Etsy or eBay. You might not be able to make a full-time wage off it but the extra few pound every now and again when someone orders something could be the difference between that sirloin or rump steak at Tesco. If you’re good at something then why not turn it into a successful business, run it alongside your day job and voila! You’ve got yourself some extra cash you didn’t have before.

Become an Airbnb host

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Are you one of those people who go away for months at a time? Or maybe you just like going away in the summer holidays for 2 weeks or so? It doesn’t matter, if you sign up to become an Airbnb host you could be making so much money. The good thing about it is you don’t have to have long-term renting lodgers, you could just rent your house out for a week whilst you’re sunning it up in Greece. The reality is if your house is clean, nice and relatively not far from the centre of a city then someone will want to hire it out on Airbnb. Another good thing is that you can see who wants to hire it before you let them have it, so you can have a look at their reviews and obviously, if they have bad ones then you don’t have to hire it out to them. Once you build up a good profile on the site your house will be constantly being booked and you can even up the price.
Do you make extra cash? How do you do it? Share us your experiences and ways you make some extra money!

Olivia x

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