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Budget-Friendly DIY Spa Treatments

September 21st, 2017
Budget-Friendly DIY Spa Treatments
Sometimes it’s the best feeling in the world to go to the spa and have a relaxing day with your girlfriends, drink some champagne and have a laugh. It’s one of those days you definitely take for granted now you’re a parent and there’s absolutely no time for it. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t have a kid wrapped around my leg asking for another biscuit, never mind actually getting out of the house on my own. The daily struggle of now not being able to relax until the kids are asleep can take its toll, it’s hard work. Hats off to all those strong, individual parents who do it on their own, I respect you. I’m constantly on the lookout for spa days or places that will let kids in because until my youngest leaves to go to big school (roll on 2018) I will have to take them.

Something I scrolled past the other day was a blog post talking about DIY Spa treatments, so you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own bedroom. A treat that I thought would be handy for when the kids are asleep and you’ve got an hour or two before you fall asleep on the couch watching Corrie. Some of them were a little bit too much but after a little research, I found some amazing ones that were budget-friendly and fun to do too. A lot of them are that budget, you’ve probably already got the things in to make them!

So, relax and have a little read of all the DIY treatments you can create before you go and try to make them yourself! Please note: we’re not responsible for your disasters!
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Strawberries Face Mask

Mix together some strawberries (mushed together obviously), a tablespoon of sour cream and 2 teaspoons of honey into a bowl. Apply it to your face with some sort of brush or even your fingers and relax for 20 minutes whilst it works its magic. After you’ve washed it off you should be feeling extra lovely and fresh! The strawberries are amazing for reducing stress induced blemishes and they smell great too.
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Lemon and Cucumber Manicure

Liven up those utterly dull nails and soak your hands in a bowl of warm water filled with slices of cucumber and lemons. Just simply cut them up straight from your fridge, put them in the bowl and dunk your hands in. A nice and cheap way to allow your nails to feel great again. Does anyone like horrible looking nails? I know I don’t!
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Face and Body Sugar Scrub

Get rid of all that dead, old skin all over your face and body with this super simple, cheap body scrub. Just mix some brown sugar and honey together in a bowl and using it in the shower. Make sure you rise it all off though as you don’t want to come out all gross and sticky! The sugar acts as a scrubber on your skin and rubs away all the dead cells on places where they don’t look the best. This scrub is great for your feet if that’s a problem area!
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There are some easy and lovely DIY beauty treatments that you can do at home, maybe you could even get the kids to help you make it! Little do they know it’s for relaxing time later!

Share below if you have any DIY beauty treatments you do at home and share the love in the comments as always!

Olivia x

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