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6 Brilliant Breakfasts Guaranteed to get the Kids off to the Right Start

August 31st, 2017
6 Brilliant Breakfasts Guaranteed to get the Kids off to the Right Start
We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but let's face it, it's hardly the most inspiring. Toast? Cereal? It's time to get creative. These simple yet healthy recipes will ensure the kids head off to school in the right frame of mind.

FroZen fruity bites

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These little bites of deliciousness look so tasty we can see ourselves snacking on them too! (Good job they're a healthy treat)

They are super easy to make, definitely something the kids could do on the weekend, with the option of customising to their favourite fruits. I love that these can be made in advance and then stored in the freezer, perfect for when the alarm clock has failed and you're in a rush.
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Yummy yoghurt pots

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Looking for something a bit different? The cute presentation of these yoghurt parfait jars are sure to pique the kiddie's interest. Layers of cereal or granola, fruit and yoghurt mean a good balanced start to the day too.

From a mum perspective these are a winner for three reasons:

You can select the right size of jar according to each child, no gigantuan portions that intimidate or too small that they go to school hungry.
You can customise the fruit and cereal to your child's preference.
Some recipes can be prepared the night before, giving you more time in the morning to search for lost PE kit?

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Healthy pancakes

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Ah, to be one of those super mums who finds time to merrily whip up a patch of pancakes in the morning. Well now you can.

These scrummy pancakes are bound to be popular and with just three ingredients they couldn't be simpler! They take just ten minutes to prepare and cook, so you won't be caught short on time and as they're made from banana and almond, you know the kids are getting a good start to their day.
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Egg muffin pizza

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Ever been tempted to dish up last nights leftover Dominos for brekkie? Don't lie, of course you have, pizza for breakfast would go down a treat right. Well now can you dish up a healthy, pizza style breakfast that leaves your conscious guilt free.

These muffins topped with egg, cheese and tomato are great for kids that need a more substantial breakfast. We can see them being so popular they may also make an appearance at supper time too!

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AppLe toast

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Ok, so I may previously have besmirched toast as being a bit uninspired, but there's nothing boring about this recipe. In fact it looks Homer worthy mouth watering.

Caramelised apple on toast? Perfect for cold, winter mornings! Find the recipe for this warning treat here: Click Here to Buy

Banana muffins

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Us adults get to grab a Costa muffin on the way to work, yet if the kids asked for muffins for breakfast you'd tell them to think again. Well not anymore.

These banana nut muffins take just 5 minutes to prepare and 15 minutes to cook. Whip a batch up on a Sunday night and you've got a tasty breakfast treat all sorted for Monday morning (with enough left over to snack on yourself during Jeremy Kyle!)
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So, six simple yet healthy breakfast ideas that don't need Deliah to prepare. Let us know in the comments which one is most popular in your house!

Hayley x

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