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Set Your Child Up For Success In School With These Tips

August 28th, 2017
Set Your Child Up For Success In School With These Tips
Whether your child is just starting their first year of school, or they're coming to the end of Primary, it's always a good idea to put a few things in place to help them get prepared. These simple ideas will help get you organised for the new term and ensure your little treasures are ready to start school with a smile.

Positive mental attitude

Does anyone else remember Mr. Motivator? If you can think past the Lycra and the bum bag, you may recall his mantra of having a, "positive mental attitude". Well, when you talk school with the kids this is vital.

Whatever your feelings are about the education system (don't get me started), or your personal experiences with school as a child, it's important you project a positive attitude when referring to school.

How often do we put a negative spin on things, casually saying, "only two weeks left then you have to go back to school" or "holidays are nearly over and then it's back to school for you!"

Make sure you accentuate the positive things about school, meeting up with friends again, a favourite lesson or club. If you talk about school with enthusiasm it will spread to your children.

Get a routine

We all love a lay in, but as you prepare to go back to school, children will appreciate the familiarity of their routine. We're not suggesting you timetable everything and run a military style operation of efficiency (they're kids after all), but established meal times, bath time and bed times are so important.

If you Google 'school routine chart' you'll find loads of free printables, covering everything from brushing teeth to packing PE kit. There are loads of creative ideas you can use to establish a routine, from picture prompts to flip charts. The great thing is they can often be customised to suit any age.

Get some brain food

Make sure the children are getting a healthy start with a nutritious breakfast. There are loads of options from cereal to layered yoghurts (keep checking our blog for breakfast ideas for kids: coming soon).

Also if you're packing a lunch make sure it contains a good balance of foods to fuel their energy. Schools are much more health conscious now so school dinners are a great option too.

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A place for everything and everything it's place

As a child, I always remember sitting at a desk to do my homework. Having that dedicated workspace always helped me to focus on my studies, whether it was a school project at Primary school or exam revision for A-Levels.

If you can find the space, a dedicated workstation is such an advantage for getting your children in the right frame of mind for homework.

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Get involved

Yes, we want to encourage our children to be independent and do their homework but this doesn't mean you shouldn't show an interest.

Talk to them about what they are learning, ask them what they have enjoyed studying and chat with them about their homework. The more interest you show, the more they are likely to do the same.

"But my child won't tell me about their day!" We've all been here. You ask your kid how was school and you get a grunt in reply or "I can't remember".

Ask yourself though, how often do you model recounting your day to your child. Giving a recount of their day is a skill, which for younger children especially is very hard. Demonstrate it by telling your child about your day no matter how mundane it may seem to you.

Also, try to avoid the outright, "How was school today?" as this is such a large concept for children to verbalise. Instead focus on one aspect such as, "what was the funniest thing that happened today?" Or, "what one new thing did you learn?"

Older children might enjoy keeping a school journal to write these in, chances are as they jot them down they'll remember more and start to share it with you!

You can learn something new every day if you listen.
The above quote is true for both your children and you, so why not share it with them? Let us know in the comments below if you have and strategies that work well to prepare children for school success!

Hayley x

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