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Time Saving Beauty Tips That Are Vogue-Worthy

August 6th, 2017
Time Saving Beauty Tips That Are Vogue-Worthy
It's 8:47 am on a Friday morning, you're getting called from downstairs because someone's spilt their cornflakes all over the floor, there's another yell from the bathroom because there's no toilet roll. Your head is in your hands for the 5th morning running because you need to be out for 9 am, your hair's a mess and there not enough time in the day to even think about makeup! What if you could find a way to sort your beauty regime out in a shorter amount of time, for those days that simply can't be made longer? There are so many great time-saving tips every lady should know, especially those who don't have endless hours to make their face look perfect… Time-saving tips are often misconstrued to think they're cheap and crappy but the reality is that some of them are very Vogue worthy indeed!
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Putting on foundation is a time-consuming job but it's always good to hide your dark circles away from the world (nobody deserves to see them!), a great tip is to mix a little moisturiser and concealer on the back of your hand and use a little brush to pinpoint the places where your face needs it most. It might not be as heavy coverage as a foundation would be but it's sure good enough for the school run and a coffee catch up with your friends.
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Ditch the makeup brushes – probably a beauty guru's worst nightmare and you'd never hear them say something like that in a million years but you're a mum, you don't have time to mess about with hundreds of different brushes in the morning. Stick a little bit of eyeshadow on with the tip of your finger and blend it in, hey presto you're sorted for the day. I wouldn't recommend this if you're trying to impress some of the hot dads around the school (no one is judging you for looking single mums!) but it's quick, easy and means you don't have to add an extra 15 minutes onto your eye-makeup routine when all your need is a quick-fix.
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Get yourself a little makeup bag, this is for the days when you wake up really late and there's practically no time for the makeup routine at all (even if it is just putting on a little concealer), if you keep a small makeup bag in your handbag with the essential makeup pieces in it, you can sort your face out later when all your other worries are dealt with.
Smudging out your mascara to make it look like you've actually had time to create an eyeliner look is time-saving too. This tip is great for all you ‘I look like I made an effort but I really didn't' mums (don't even tell me you're not one). It's a way to create a beautiful look in less than half the time it takes to do actual eyeliner (which let's be real here, no one has the effort to do before the day even properly starts) and it means you aren't late for your 9:30 am dentist appointment too. Trust me, that dentist is going to be looking at your fine looking eyeliner and not just your teeth!
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What things do you do to save time in your beauty routine on busy mornings? Share your experiences and tips in the comments as we'd love to hear all about them!

Olivia x

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