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Home workouts for Mums

February 12th, 2021
Home workouts for Mums
As most of us have been locked down again, it is a good opportunity to get ourselves fit – in the privacy of our home! Motherhood is a physically demanding job so now is the perfect time to make sure your body is up to it. Maybe you are still carrying around some extra weight – even though your baby is now months old. Many of us have gained weight during lockdown because eating is one of the pleasure we still have- but burning off the calories has been harder.

Get ready for summer!

At the moment, most of us are hiding under layers of jumpers, but soon the first signs of spring will be seen and suddenly it will be a downhill slide to bikini time – oh shock horror!

If you are feeling hemmed in, perhaps you can agree with your partner to have some time on your own every day so that you can work out and enjoy some valuable ‘me’ time. If you are sometimes at a loss for entertainment ideas for your children, get them roped into your daily workout – you won’t regret it because it is so much fun! Exercising with your children can be amusing. Importantly, it is good for them physically and psychologically too.

Don’t be too ambitious

If you feel daunted by the prospect of squeezing a workout session into you busy day, don’t be! Short bursts of exercise are just as good as longer sessions, the important thing is to be consistent – aim for a modest amount of time that is achievable most days.

The important thing is that all physical activity is good and helps us to lead a better life and boosts our energy levels. It can also help prevent a number of health problems. If you feel happier, there are a number of different workout programmes available online, just sample a few and see which one suits you best, if not, try ours!

Just pop on some loose fitting clothes, put on some music and ENJOY the following five exercises!

Exercise 1: Arm lifts

This is a great exercise as you will be able to do it during the day, whenever you have a spare moment. All you need is two unopened litre bottles of water.

Hold a bottle of water in each hand, drop your hands down the side of your body and have your palms and the bottles of water facing forward. Starting with your right hand, pull the bottle of water up, keeping your arm straight, until it is level with your shoulder. Drop your arm slowly back down to your side keeping it straight. Do this five times and then do the same using your left hand

This is an exercise that you can build up to ten as your biceps get stronger.

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Exercise 2: On the stairs

Stand facing your staircase and climb onto the bottom stair with your right foot, bring your left foot up next to it so you are standing on the first stair, step down onto the ground with your right foot and follow with your left foot. Do this as smoothly as you can for the count of 20. If you don’t have a staircase, running on the spot works well – try and bring your knees up as high as you can.

* Exercise 3: Squats

These can be tricky to do at first, so start by completing five and slowly increase the number. Stand, looking straight ahead with your legs about 30cm apart and your feet and knees, facing forward. Slowly start to pretend to sit down – keeping your back perfectly straight- and continue to lower yourself as far as you can go. The aim is to lower yourself nearly 90º, but this can be built up slowly and surely.

Exercise 4: Sit ups

You can definitely dream of your bikini while you are doing this one as it will flatten your stomach beautifully!

Lie flat on your back on the floor. Place your knees and feet together and bend them slightly. Cup your hands behind your head and lift your back up off the floor and bring your face as close to your knees. Lie back down flat on the floor and repeat. Start with five and try and build up to 20 sit ups.
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Exercise 5: Side leg lifts.

This is one your children will definitely enjoy! Lie on the floor on your left side with your legs together and straight and your left arm bent and acting as a pillow under your head. Raise you right leg, towards the ceiling, keeping it totally straight. Try and raise it about a metre. When you have, hold it in position for the count of five and then lower it to lie on your left leg. Repeat this five times in all and then turn over onto your right side and do the same with your left leg.

This exercise becomes easier and you can increase the number to ten lifts for each leg.

If you can get out walking, jogging, running or cycling a few times every week too, you will find that this is really good for you mentally as well as physically. If you have trouble sleeping, you will find that the more exercise you can squeeze into your daily schedule, not only will you look better for it, you will sleep better too – what a win-win situation!
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Chrissie x

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