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Classy Halloween Decor and Cute Costumes

September 30th, 2020
Classy Halloween Decor and Cute Costumes
It's almost that time again when we get to decorate our homes with weird and wonderful decorations and the kids get to choose a costume for them to go trick or treating in.

We are starting to accept in the UK that Halloween is not just for ghosts and ghouls like past years, and we are following in the footsteps of our cousins across the pond in the US and making halloween cute and colourful for the kids.

I much prefer it being classy and cute, and you can get some really wonderful stuff for Hallows Eve at Etsy, so if you like to get things decorated early we have selected some pretty cool bits below for you to get started!

welcome mats

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Hocus Pocus Doormat View & Buy
Beware Little Monster Doormat View & Buy
I'd Turn Back Doormat View & Buy
Home of Doormat View & Buy

Stickers and decals

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Snazzy Pumpkin Decals View & Buy
Witches Welcome Decal View & Buy
My First Halloween Decal View & Buy
Wine Glass Decals View & Buy
Window Deals View & Buy


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Chalky Pumpkins View & Buy
Skull Candles View & Buy

outdoor decor

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Hanging Light Up Witches Hats View & Buy
Giant Crawling Spiders View & Buy
Trick or Treat Door Signs View & Buy
Hanging Door Wreath View & Buy
Metal Zombie Hands View & Buy


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Funny Baby Onesies View & Buy
Cute Lion Costume View & Buy
Ghostbuster Costume View & Buy
Witches Tutu Dress View & Buy
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Check out these awesome Etsy editors picks for more inspiration View & Buy

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