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TOP Hacks for busy Mums

March 6th, 2019
TOP Hacks for busy Mums
Between running around with house chores and personal activities, mums make sure they find ways to take care of their babies in such a motherly and appropriate way. Most mums make sure they do all it takes to cater and provide for their babies’ needs. Luckily for mothers, there are lots of parenting hacks that suits your activities most appropriately and they can include the following;

Wake up an hour earlier before the time you ought to:

This is a very important strategy if you really don’t want taking care of your baby and house chores to choke you to frustration. Most times, when you wake up the exact time you ought to, lots of unforeseen activities spring up (like running out of toiletries as early as 6am, dishwasher jamming etc.) and once they do, you have no other option than to attend to them and while doing this, you have limited or no time to cater for your baby or yourself. So, by waking up early and having your morning cuppa, you’ll wake up refreshed before everyone else and have the opportunity of setting things in place.
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Make use of shower caps to prevent soap from entering your babIEs eyeS:

Shower caps are not only meant for adults. Making use of BABY shower caps when bathing your little ones will help prevent soap and other soaps from entering delicate parts in the head region of your baby. Although this picture below is seriously cute, we are not referring to these types of caps, we mean these ones > Click Here to Buy
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Adopt the use of laundry bASKETS in bathing your baby so they don’t slip while having their bath:

The laundry baskets do not only prevent the baby from slipping in the big tub, but it also means your child’s toys don’t get to float away in the water, keeping them entertained for longer. The toys help to keep them busy while you have the opportunity to bath them thoroughly.
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Toothpaste can be used to remove stains imprinted by permanent markers:

Because your baby is no dummy, expect them to always want to play with anything they lay their hands on. So, if by mistake your baby lays hand on a permanent marker and scribbles on your wooden furniture or appliances, you don’t have to scream argggghhhhh, just get toothpaste from the bathroom and apply it on the stains then you rub it off. It is so simple! Apply it on any stains like permanent marker stains, ink and other stubborn stains. IT REALLY WORKS!
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