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5 Ways to De-Clutter Your Home

January 10th, 2018
5 Ways to De-Clutter Your Home
It seems everywhere I look at the moment, the buzz for 2018 is about decluttering. In theory I love this idea. Less stuff means less to tidy, right? But realistically, I’m a mom of two, with an self confessed crafting obsession and a life time of mementos filling every space of my house. Decluttering is impossible!
Or so I thought.
But I’m on a mission to clear some space (I’m picturing a very zen like, meditation room AKA a play room) and free up some time in my housekeeping routine. So here it goes with some top decluttering tips...

One a day:give away

I came across this idea of donating one item a day to charity and I love it. Throughout the entire year you find one thing each day that you could donate. I know in setting myself this challenge I would feel incredibly guilty if I didn’t find something to give to charity, so I’m much more likely to uphold this plan. Just think, by the end of the year I’ll have 365 less items, cluttering up my house! Plus I would have given to good causes.
I will be starting this one immediately and I’m thinking it’s something I can get the whole family involved in too. A double bonus and it helps clear the kids room of old toys, but also teaches them about charity and giving to others. Win win!

Clutter buddy

Mindful.org suggests finding a clutter buddy to help with the clear out. I’m thinking a few glasses of wine, I’m thinking some of my closest (and therefore most brutally honest) friends. Before we know it I’ll have chucked away bags full of supposedly, "I couldn’t chuck that out, it’s got sentimental value" items, in response to cutting, "but be honest, it’s total crap" commentary.
Whereas the one a day approach is great for a long term, lifestyle choice, this has immediate results. And alcohol. I like!

Junk drawer no more

We all have one. It’s every households dirty little secret. Whether it’s in the kitchen, study or some other god forsaken corner of the house, everyone has a bulging, great big, dirty, junk drawer.
This is going to be my personal decluttering mission.
The good news is I have a surplus number of empty gift boxes left over for Xmas (probably should have chucked them in the spirit of decluttering) which I am going to put to good organisational use.
So once I’ve cleared out the junk, I’m organising the leftovers so I stay decluttered for good!
(8mage by The Crafting Nook via Pinterest)
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Get riD

Good housekeeping.co.uk share a list of things you can get rid of straight away, without negotiation or consideration. Going down the list I have to say, there’s a considerable number I agree with. First and foremost is old tech. Computers, VHS players, old mobiles...and a Pandora’s box of chargers and cables I have no idea what they belong to.
In all fairness I know I’m never going to get round to doing anything with them, so the time has come to get rid. See the post here for more ideas.....://www.goodhousekeeping.co.uk/lifestyle/declutter-your-home/things-to-get-rid-of-recycle-from-your-home

30 day list

The trouble with decluttering is that it’s not very effective if you continue to buy more toot in the mean time. That’s why the 30 day list concept from Zen Habits, although harsh, sounds like a good plan to me. Basically, when you think of something you want to buy, you write it on your list and date it. All items must be on the list for 30 days before you buy, helping you to avoid those impulse purchases and buy only things you are convinced you need.
Perhaps a slightly shorter time frame might be more manageable, but I love the idea of saving money and buying less stuff, because you’ve fully considered whether you truely need it.
Incidently, I use the ‘list’ approach with my son when he sees something he MUST have. If he still wants it when he has saved his pocket money and revised his list than he can go for it, but chances are he’s lost interest...
Will you be decluttering for 2018? Are Clutter Buddy parties going to be the new thing?
Let me know how you plan to decluttering in the comments section.

Hayley x

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