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Simple and free ways to lose weight

January 5th, 2018
Simple and free ways to lose weight
This time of year, everyone has made their new year’s resolutions and they’re attempting to achieve them. One of the most common new year’s resolutions is to lose weight and a lot of time, people fail at it because it takes a lot of time and effort. What if we told you there are many free and simple ways that you can lose weight without going to a slimming club, buying protein shakes, or doing other extreme weight lose things? (because in all honesty, you’ll just put the weight back on!) I’ve been doing some research and from personal experience I have put together this list of ways you can lose weight which won’t cost you lots of money (most of them are free) and they’re simple (so they fit in with your daily life!)

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Smart phone apps

Track all the food you’re putting into your body by inputting it into a fit pal on an app on your smartphone! You can get so many free versions of these apps that count calories and help you by telling you how much sugar, fat, and other bad things you’re consuming. If you’re honest with the app, then you’re bound to become a lot heathier!

Exercise more

You’re never going to lose weight by just eating healthy, exercise is one of the most important things, too. Even if you just run up and down the stairs twice a day, it’s better than nothing. You don’t have to go to the gym in order to exercise, you go out for a run or walk a little further than normal.
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Drink mainly water

Drinking sugar-free and diet drinks seem like you’re doing the right thing but in reality, the best drink you can put into your body is water. It’s natural and the best thing for you. I don’t particularly like the taste of water (unless it’s ice cold) but I still drink it because I know it’s doing my insides the world of good!

Write down what you eat for a week

Writing down what you’re eating will make you aware of the crap you’re actually eating when you don’t have something proper. You’ll find yourself cutting down on snacks and everything that looks bad on paper because before then, you probably didn’t even realise you were eating that much!
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Don’t buy prepared food

Processed foods are the worst for trying to lose weight or even being healthier, there is so much rubbish in it that you don’t even know what’s going into your body. I’m not saying about takeaways either, processed meats and cheeses are bad too, we just don’t often think about what’s gone into them. Try sticking to the fresh stuff and you’ll see a difference in not only your weight but the way you feel too!

Try to eat at home

When you go out for meals, you never really know what it’s the meals. It could be full of butter, cheese, and oil but all you ordered was a simple tomato pasta. If you make most of your meals at home, you know exactly what’s in them and therefore can lose weight a lot easier.
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Bulk your meals up with vegetables

If you’re having a meal, try adding as many vegetables as possible. It might not taste the best, but it means you’re not hungry in a few hours and they’re full of vitamins! They’re great for you and putting eating healthy with exercise is sure to ensure weight loss.

Do you have any free or simple ways to lose weight? Let us know below in the comments and get sharing that advice!

Olivia x

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